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Valentine's Day Baby Names

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day and the birth of your little one in the month of February, you are in for a totally love-filled month. Why not follow your heart and let those joyful feelings inspire you when it comes time to name baby?

Of course, baby names inspired by Valentine’s Day aren’t just for February newborns. Maybe you’re having baby with your one true love, or you just want a way to express the amazing unconditional love that you feel for the little one that you are bringing into the world.

Think that a Valentine’s Day related baby name might be for you? Here are some sweet options to help you get started.

Lovely names from other cultures

It has been said that love is a universal language. If you agree, you might want to consider these love-related names that represent a variety of languages from around the world.

  • Ai
    Means: Love in Japanese
    Best for: Girls
  • Anwil
    Means: Beloved in Welsh
    Best for: Boys
  • Chikondi
    Means: Love in the African language of Chichewa
    Best for: Girls or boys
  • Corazón
    Means: Heart in Spanish
    Best for: Girls
  • Elam
    Means: Forever in Hebrew
    Best for: Boys
  • Flor
    Means: Flower in Spanish
    Best for: Girls
  • Sofian
    Means : Devoted in Arabic
    Best for: Boys
  • Tamu
    Means: Sweet one in Swahili
    Best for: Boys or girls
  • Aimée/Amy
    Means: Beloved in French
    Best for: Girls

Poetry & Flowers

These baby names are for true romantics who believe that poetry and flowers are essential expressions of love.

  • Elizabeth:
    The prominent English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning authored the famous love poem “How do I love thee?”
  • Rosso:
    This boy’s name is the Italian word for red, which of course is the ultimate color for roses and all things Valentine.
  • Rose:
    The traditional Valentine’s Day flower also doubles as a classic girl’s name that has vintage flair.
  • William:
    Name your son after the poet William Wordsworth, who helped start the Romantic Age in English literature.
  • Poésie:
    Oui, this elegant girl’s name literally means poetry in French.

Romantic Places

Salute the spirit of love by naming your little one after some of the world's most beautiful and romantic destinations.

  • Paris:
    This famous French city is known throughout the world as being the city of love.
  • Seychelle:
    The Republic of Seychelles is an 115-island country off the coast of East Africa and it’s known to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.
  • Bali:
    This exotic Indonesian island is a favorite honeymoon spot and would make a great name for a boy or a girl.
  • Sevilla:
    This is the name by which Spaniards know the city Seville, which is often referred to as the most romantic city in Spain. It just might be the perfect moniker for your baby girl, too.

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