This is a Book About
Babies & Their Butts

Because babies and their butts come in all different shapes and sizes. And we believe every baby’s butt should squiggle, wiggle and jiggle around comfortably and freely. In fact, we wrote the book on that. Literally.

Sneak a Peek Inside!

Teresa Bellón avocado butt

Avocado Butt: Teresa Bellón

Brosmind zeppelin butt

Zeppelin Butt: Brosmind

Zachariah OHora daddy long legs butt

Daddy Long Legs Butt: Zachariah OHora

Christiane Engel herculean butt

Herculean Butt: Christiane Engel

Meet The Artists

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Leave No Butts Behind

Not only did we want to make a book about baby butts but we wanted to help cover every butt in need. So all proceeds of The Alphabutt Book go to the National Diaper Bank Network, a charity working to end diaper poverty by providing diapers to families in need. Because every baby butt in the world deserves to feel safe and cozy.

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