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About Huggies®

The name Huggies® is synonymous with comfy diapers. But there’s more to us than diapers and wipes. We want you to see what Huggies® is really all about — a legacy of innovation, healthcare, and science.

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Huggies® History

For more than five decades, Huggies® has been part of the parenting journey. A lot has changed since the first Kimbies diapers in 1968, including innovations that have helped generations of babies to stay clean and healthy.

  • 1978


    Kimberly-Clark® launches Kimbies disposable diaper, which was renamed to Kleenex Huggies® in 1978.

  • 1982


    By 1983, Huggies® becomes the first diaper on the market to offer refastenable tape on its waistband.

  • 1990


    Huggies® started offering plant-based* wipes since 1990™.

    *70%+ by weight

  • 1997


    Huggies® launches our disposable swim pant, Little Swimmers®- the first innovative swimming solution made with unique materials that don’t swell in water.

  • 2017


    Huggies® introduced the Little Snugglers® Nano Preemie Diaper and Natural Care® Extra Sensitive Wipes to protect the delicate skin of a premature baby under 2 lbs.

  • 2019


    Huggies releases Special Delivery™ Diapers, a soft diaper made with plant-based materials* to help keep your baby comfortable.

    *20%+ by weight

  • 2024

    Huggies launches our latest innovation, HUGGIES® Skin Essentials™ diapers, wipes, and PULL-UPS® training pants. Dermatologist approved and designed to help keep skin clean and healthy from baby to BIG KID®


Huggies® Healthcare

For many years, Huggies® has fostered a special relationship with healthcare professionals. Not only do our skin scientists continuously improve and innovate our products, we also go a step further to build partnerships with people and organizations that share our commitment to parents, babies, and the communities they serve.

NICU Nurses
Next to mom or dad, no one knows newborn babies better than the nurses and neonatal therapists who care for them in the hospital. That’s why Huggies® partners with these heroes-in-scrubs to provide us with front-line information that informs our development of diapers and wipes specifically designed for the most fragile babies.


Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses Huggies® is actively partnering with AWHONN to help reduce factors that contribute to maternal morbidity and mortality amongst all mothers, especially Black and Indigenous mothers to improve outcomes. We are proud to sponsor the development of the first-of-its-kind guideline and toolkit on respectful care titled “Respectful Maternity Care Framework and Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline.”

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Nearly 1 in 2 US families with young children experience diaper need.* That’s why Huggies® is the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network. The network has grown to include 200 diaper banks across the country, serving 200,000 children monthly. Huggies® is also the largest diaper donor for the NDBN, contributing more than 200 million diapers since 2011.

*per the National Diaper Bank, 2023
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Huggies® is a primary sponsor for Hand to Hold®, a national nonprofit that provides personalized emotional support, education and community to parents before, during and after a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) stay. When babies need the specialized medical attention of a NICU, it can be traumatic to the parent and disruptive to traditional parent-baby bonding. Huggies® sponsorship helps to make essential assistance free for all NICU parents to help ensure a healthy beginning for the baby.

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Importance of healthy, huggable Skin

Did you know babies’ skin is biologically different in structure and function from grown-ups? Learn about the science behind diapered skin health.

Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

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