Faith-filled: Top religious baby names

Oct 25, 2021

If you’ve discovered you’re pregnant, baby names are probably at the top of your mind. For moms and dads who have deeply held faith, religious names might appeal. After all, every parent wants to bestow a meaningful name on their precious little one. Here are some religious names to spark your creativity. Looking for more? Check out the Huggies’ Baby Name Finder!

Faith-filled Top religious baby namesFaith-filled Top religious baby names

Jewish baby names:

These Hebrew names are popular choices for Jewish parents.
  • Caleb: This boy’s name means “devotion to God.”
  • Hannah: Also spelled Chana, this girl’s name means “grace.”
  • Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength,” the Torah portrays Gabriel as an archangel. The feminine version would be Gabrielle.
  • Daphna: In Hebrew, this girl’s name means “victory.”
  • Zohar: This gender-neutral name means “brilliant light.”
  • Levi: This boy’s name means “rooted” or “attached,” perhaps perfect since you’re sure to be super-attached to your baby son.
  • Noah: This original Noah was the captain of the ark. The name means both “rest” and “motion.”
  • Abigail: This girl’s name means “my father is joyful,” and can be shortened to Abbie or Abby for a sweet nickname.
  • Lila: Translated “night” in Semitic Hebrew, it’s associated with “dark beauty.”
  • Ariel: Often shortened to Ari, this gender-neutral name means “lion of God.”

Islamic baby names:

Muslims place a high priority on a righteous name. Here are some to choose from:
  • Kahlid: This boy’s name means “eternal.”
  • Farah: Meaning “happiness,” this little girl’s name describes how you’ll feel when your baby arrives.
  • Malik: Meaning “king” or “wave,” this is a sweet name for baby boys.
  • Omar: This boy’s name means “eloquent.”
  • Amal: This gender-neutral name means “aspiration” or “hope.” It can also be spelled Aamal.
  • Fatima: This girl’s name appears in the Quran and means “the Prophet’s daughter” or “one who abstains from forbidden things.”
  • Tareq: Perfect for your baby boy, this name means “star” or “night visitor.”
  • Ali: This boy’s name means “sublime” or “lofty.”
  • Safa: Meaning “purity” or “clarity,” this is an elegant name for a baby girl.
  • Aziz: “Noble” and “exalted” are the meanings of this boy’s name.

Catholic baby names:

From saints to Biblical names, here are some precious Catholic-inspired names for babies:
  • Mary: The name of Jesus’ mother, this popular girl’s name from Hebrew means “bitter.”
  • John: Meaning “God is gracious,” this boy’s name was also the name of the Apostle John in the Bible.
  • Albert: “Noble and kind” is the meaning of this boy’s name.
  • Teresa: A Catholic saint shares this girl’s name that means “harvester.”
  • Genevieve: Saint Genevieve was the patron saint of Paris. The girl’s name means “race of women.”
  • Nicholas: With Greek origins, this saint’s name for boys means “victory of the people.”
  • Faith: This girl’s name with Latin roots translates exactly to “faith.”
  • Benedict: The name of a saint, this boy’s name means “blessed.”
  • Adelaide: This female saint-inspired name means “noble and kind.”
  • Dorothea: This variation of Dorothy means “gift of God.”

Protestant Christian baby names:

These Biblical names are sweet options for your baby.
  • Joseph: The name of Jesus’ father, this Hebrew name for boys means “Jehovah increases.”
  • Evangeline: From the Greek, this girl’s name means “bearer of good news.”
  • Gloria: This girl’s name means “glory,” as in “glory of God” in Latin.
  • Micah: This boy’s name with Hebrew origins means “who resembles God?”
  • Christopher: This boy’s name means “bearing Christ.”
  • Elizabeth: Meaning “God’s promise” this is a popular name for girls, with nicknames including Ellie, Elle, Beth and Liz.
  • Matthew: Meaning “gift of God,” the biblical Matthew was one of Jesus’ disciples.
  • Gianna: This more modern girl’s name means “God is gracious.”
  • Elliott: From the Hebrew, this boy’s name means “the Lord is my God.”
  • Genesis: This gender-neutral name is the first book of the Bible and means “birth” or “origin.”

Hindu baby names:

Hindus take naming a child seriously. Here are some nice options from this world religion.
  • Hodo: This girl’s name means “dharma way.” Dharma is often translated as “righteousness” in English.
  • Ambud: This Sanskrit name for boys means “cloud.”
  • Carma: For little girls, this name means “to believe in faith.”
  • Bichu: This Indian boy’s name means “the Great Person.”
  • Aarti: Meaning “act of worshiping the almighty,” this is a nice Bengali name for girls.
  • Anagha: A rare Hindu unisex name, this one means “one who is faultless.”
  • Dalvie: This Indian boy’s name means “one who forgives.”
  • Bibha: Meaning “ray of light” or “radiance,” this is a lovely name for a girl.
  • Kishore: Related to the name for the god Krishna, this boy’s name means “youth” or “the sun.”
  • Ruhi: This girl’s name means “one with a beautiful soul.”

Buddhist baby names:

These names are from the world’s fourth most popular religion, Buddhism.
  • Anh: A rare unisex name in Buddhism, this one with Vietnamese roots means “intelligent” and “smart.”
  • Bodhi: This boy’s name has gained popularity in the United States. This Sanskrit name means “awakened” or “enlightenment.”
  • Atisha: Meaning “peace,” this is a sweet name for a little girl.
  • Ashoka: A strong boy’s name, this one means “conquering.”
  • Alisha: This girl’s name means “a star” and “protected by God.”
  • Eido: This boy’s name means “illuminating way.”
  • Beam: From Thailand, this girl’s name means “ray of light.”
  • Cahya: Another unisex name, this one from Indonesia means “one who is a light in the darkness.”
  • Asahi: “Morning sun” is the meaning of this Japanese boy’s name.
  • Khalid: Meaning “immortal,” this is a nice name for a little boy.
  • Chewa: This girl’s name from Tibet means “she who is great and powerful.”

Shinto baby names:

One of the most popular religions in Japan, here are some names from Shintoism.
  • Haleena: Meaning “of this light,” this is a nice name for a little girl.
  • Jennet: “One who is heaven-sent” is the meaning of this girl’s name.
  • Kale: This boy’s name means “calm” and “affectionate.”
  • Sora: This name for girls means “she is like the sky.”
  • Kei: A unisex name, this one means “wise” and “blessing.”
  • Subaru: Associated with the Pleiades constellation, this unisex name means “one who is uniting.”
  • Suki: An appropriate name for your daughter, this one means “a beloved woman.”
  • Takashi: This name for boys means “devoted piety.”

Pagan baby names:

Many of these alternative names are popular with Wiccans.
  • Rowan: From Celtic, this unisex name means “tree.”
  • Fergus: Popular for boys, this name means “strong and manly.”
  • Calliope: From the Greek language, this girl’s name means “beautiful voice.” Callie is a cute nickname.
  • Angus: A character from Celtic mythology, this boy’s name means “one who is special.”
  • Bronwyn: From Branwen, the goddess of white ravens in Welsh mythology, this name means “white breast.” Some parents choose Bronnie as a fun nickname.
  • Pollux: This boy’s name from the Greek language means “crown.”
  • Aradia: For girls, this name was popularized as an Italian character in the book “Gospel of Witches.” It may mean “heroic one.”

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