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Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

by Maureen Dennis

Choosing a name for your baby can be a challenge and everyone goes about it different ways. You can find lots of resources on Huggies Mommy Answers to help, including advice from other Huggies partners. Here are five easy steps that I suggest to make the process easier.

Step 1 - Talk About It

You may have chosen your future kids' names in childhood. Maybe there are naming traditions in your partner's family. Having a discussion with your partner, at the beginning, will help you both understand where each are coming from and what you have in mind. Naming a baby can be stressful when you and your partner are not on the same page so make this an important step before baby arrives.

Step 2 - Inspiration

Look for inspiration in family names. Prince George Alexander Louis is an example of a name full of family history and meaning. Passions like music or art, even literature, may inspire names like Harmony, Monet or Story. Cities, states and even countries are popular inspiration - from Brooklyn, to Georgia and India to Ireland. Who knows where the inspiration for names like Apple, North or Blue came from but they mean something special to the parents. Look for what inspires you and you may find the perfect name for your baby.

Step 3 - Research

Do some research to see what names stand out to you and your partner - there may be a perfect name out there that you just haven't heard yet! Check out some baby name books or continue to check out articles and tips around choosing a baby name in Huggies Mommy Answers. Also keep in mind the popularity of names and how that will affect your name selection. If you are a Jennifer that grew up as one of four in your class then you might lean towards a more unique name. If you are a Rainbow you may lean towards a more common name like Emma. It's a good idea to check out the top baby name lists that come out every year to help determine if the name you have in mind is too popular for you or not popular enough.

Step 4 - Playground Test

Some names sound good when you are looking through books and searching online but you need to realize how many times a day you will be saying this name. Try it out in public! A name like Gunn may be a family name, and have special meaning, but it could be awkward and a challenge to yell on a playground (and definitely in an airport).

Step 5 - Shhhh

Once you've decided on your baby's name if you want to avoid comments and advice from everyone you've ever met than keep it to yourself until baby arrives. If you could care less what other people's opinions are then you may want to start referring to your baby by name even before baby arrives.

The decision is all up to you, so have fun with the process, it's a great way to start connecting you, your partner and your baby together as a family!

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