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Hey, Dads: What Surprised You About Fatherhood?

Fathers share the things they never saw coming—the good, the confusing, and the very, very cute.

"I’ve been surprised that my wife isn’t the only one with intuition. It might look to other people like my baby’s randomly squinting her eyes and scrunching up her nose, but I know that particular face is the first sign that I need to grab a clean diaper and some wipes, stat!"
– Will Davids, dad of two, Edina, Minnesota.

"I thought about my daughter’s birth a million times, but I was totally unprepared for the moment where the hospital staff leaves your newborn with you—and the month that followed! My wife’s books on babies came in handy for diapering, burping, everything. Now I’m a pro!"
—Stan Horaczek, dad of two, Albany, New York

"I can now truly relate to the idea of being willing, without hesitation, to give your life to someone else. I’ve fallen in love in a way I never imagined possible."
—Bill Morse, dad of one, Portland, Maine

"When I was a kid, I swore that I'd give my kid plenty of freedom—my mom was overly cautious. Now I’m more paranoid than she was! It’s easy to keep my daughter in sight at all times, she’s a baby. And I gave my son a walkie talkie—and I mean the real kind, like construction foreman have. Whenever we’re someplace where he’ll be running around, like the park, he has his and I have mine. Every few minutes I'll say something like, ‘Status report, stat!’"
—Jim Lin, dad of two, Arcadia, California

"I didn’t expect that parenthood would strengthen my bond with my wife. Seeing her in action as a mom has added a whole new dimension to my appreciation of her."
—Stu Weiner, dad of two, Norwalk, Connecticut

"I thought I’d have to teach my son to stand up, walk and feed himself, but he’s figuring these things out on his own, full speed ahead. I’m here as his cheering section, and as damage control."
–Aaron Newman, dad of one, Austin, Texas

"The moment I heard my firstborn cry, all of my priorities shifted. My kids’ happiness and well-being are, by far, the most important things in the world for me now."
–Cory Torecek, dad of two, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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