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Got an app for that? 6 Innovative Apps for the New Mom and Mom-To-Be

These days it seems everyone is attached to their phones 24/7. We talk, text, tweet, post, photograph and do everything and anything possible on our mobile devices. As a new parent, nothing could be better.

We can keep track of our babies when we’re not with them. We can make doctor’s appointments. We can find a restaurant with a baby-friendly atmosphere and make an instant reservation. We can even let long-distance grandparents watch baby’s first steps and words from halfway around the world as it is happening.

There are millions of apps out there, and many of them make our lives easier and help us parent better in the 21st century. Here are some of the newest apps to help you organize and live life better:

1. Pregnancy and beyond:

Keep track of everything you need to know during pregnancy, birth and beyond with the free comprehensive Pregnancy to Parenting app from the childbirth experts and educators at Lamaze International. It includes an appointment tracker, contraction counter, breastfeeding reminder, slideshow creator and much more. 

2. On the go:

One of the toughest challenges for new moms is the ability to go someplace easily. Little Peanut On the Go is a mobile assistant to help moms stay organized and connected by creating packing and to-do lists. It generates care schedules, emergency contacts and medical information to share with caregivers. 

3. Sleepy baby:

SleepHero is a smart app for tired parents, helping settle their babies to sleep and keep them asleep.  Record your own lullabies and stories and get access to a library of 35 white noise sounds, including that of a mother’s womb. During the night, SleepHero automatically plays audio to settle baby back to sleep if he or she begins to stir. 

4. Stay in shape

Lose your pregnancy weight and get back into your nonmaternity wear the healthy way, by setting weight loss goals and keeping track of calories consumed with MyFitnessPal. Use the comprehensive food diary to make wise choices. Log your workouts and get moving. 

5. Ready, set, play:

No more fighting over whose turn it is to play the Xbox or begging for five more minutes of TV time. Enter the Playtime Timer, an app that allows busy parents to manage their children's daily device usage…since it's only a matter of months before a new baby becomes a busy toddler tuned into technology. When the time you’ve set is up, alerts/vibrations/alarms go off. Now the app is the bad guy, not you. 

6. Share your story:

What new parent doesn’t take zillions of photos of their adorable new baby? But what to do with them? Smartphone app everyStory has a new take on this. The storytelling and photo-sharing platform makes it easy to preserve and share your child’s life story by letting you digitally record your reactions and comments to any and all memorable moments. You can share the whole package with family and friends who can record as well, creating a family archive to save forever. 

Image: Getty

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