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How to Declutter all that Baby Gear

When bulging plastic storage bins filled with outgrown baby clothes and mountains of unused toys start to consume all of your closet space—it’s time to take action. Tackling all those containers, baskets, piles and gear can feel overwhelming, but in the long run, ignoring the clutter is definitely not easier than clearing it out.

 “Getting started is the hardest part of decluttering,” says Deborah J. Cabral, a certified professional organizer and host of the TV show “Organization Motivation”. “The best way to begin is by getting rid of the stuff that you are not emotionally attached to.” 

Being consistent is also important if you want results, so commit to at least 10 minutes of decluttering time each day. By the end of your first week, the piles will be dwindling and you’ll be totally motivated to keep moving forward.

Here are other great tips for how to clear out baby items from your home.

Consider replacement costs

That boutique crib your little one slept in may be huge, but it did cost over one thousand dollars. If you're thinking of having another baby, then it is definitely worth storing high-ticket items so that you don’t have so many big expenses the next time around. Be sure to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalls and updated regulations before repurposing. 

Let go of sentimental clutter

Yes, you really can let go of items that you are emotionally attached to.“Take a picture of the item or of your child holding the item,” says Cabral. “That can then become your special memory instead of the physical item that is taking up space in your home.”

Bye-bye baby clothes

Those countless containers filled with tiny outfits really do need to go. There’s no need to unpack everything and ponder whether or not you should keep burp clothes and bibs. Keep only those special outfits that will forever remind you of your sweet pea and then donate or gift the rest—bins and all!  

Get rid of space grabbers

Do you really have room to store that clunky activity saucer? Take a good look at all of your bulky baby gear and consider how much space those things will consume if you decide to keep them. If an item is big, but not super-expensive, it may be best just to let it go.  

Create a memory box

If you really want to limit how much you keep, buy one big plastic bin for each child and limit yourself to storing only as much as will fit in the container. This is where you can store heirloom items,  special mementos from religious ceremonies, a locket of hair, a handmade gift or baby’s first pair of shoes. As your child grows, you can even work together to decide what should stay and what should go.

Think twice before selling or donating

“Items such as car seats, strollers, swings and nursery furniture are constantly being recalled. Do not sell these items at a garage sale because you could be liable in the event of an accident or injury,” advises Cabral. Always ask before donating or gifting them because thrift and consignment shops won’t always accept these items and giving them to a friend may not be safe either.

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