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6 Baby Outfits That Transition Seamlessly from Summer to Fall!

Babies seem to blow through clothing like it's their job. One week those pants fit perfectly, and the next they've suddenly turned into capris because your baby is growing like a weed! And beyond size fluctuations, there are also seasonal changes to consider. That romper that was perfect for warm, summer weather starts to seem a little less perfect once the cooler autumn temps come around.

I always feel a twinge of disappointment when a new season comes along and I am forced to retire much-loved items from my children’s wardrobes to make way for more seasonally appropriate ones. It can feel like such a waste when those clothes still fit!

But, there are actually still some great ways to make many of those warm weather items still work for fall. With a few tweaks here and there you can transition Baby’s wardrobe to fall on a budget!

I thought it would be fun to put together some outfit inspiration ideas to show how babies can wear key pieces both now and later when crisp fall weather arrives.

Wear It NOW: T-Shirt + Shorts

This t-shirt and shorts combo is a quintessential summer look. Comfort and ease in one little outfit. Paired with easy slip-on water shoes, and you've got the perfect ensemble for an active little man.

Wear It LATER: T-Shirt + Shorts

Pair that t-shirt with the extra layer of a cardigan, swap out the shorts for jeans and those summer shoes for runners. Add in a knit cap for added warmth and style!

Wear It NOW: Romper

Nothing says summer quite like a little romper, and this Little Golden Books Bambi romper is the cutest! Paired with sandals, it's a great ensemble to throw on and go all summer long.

Wear It LATER: Romper

A romper can continue to get wear into autumn when paired with tights underneath and a sweater on top. Add boots and a little scarf, and you'll keep the chill at bay in style.

Wear It NOW: One-Piece Bodysuits

In my humble opinion, the very best baby outfit for hanging around home during the summer is a basic baby bodysuit and nothing else. Adorable baby leg rolls on full display while beating the heat? What could be better?

Wear It LATER: One-Piece Bodysuits

Once the weather turns colder, bodysuits can still be worn on the regular when paired with a cardigan and tights underneath (and even an added pair of socks over the tights for extra warmth). It's still a simple "throw-on-and-go" outfit for young babes, but will keep things a bit cozier.

Wear It NOW: Summer Fun T-Shirt

You can never have too many t-shirts and fun colorful graphics like this Mickey and Pluto tee can be worn all summer long when paired with shorts and a cap to block the sun.

Wear It LATER: Summer Fun T-Shirt

T-shirts are a year round staple. Simply transition them fall by pairing them with a sweater, jeans and runners!

Wear It NOW: Tunic + Leggings

If you size up on a tunic and leggings combo (like this adorable Little Golden Books Dumbo set!), the top can be worn as a dress during summer. Roll up the sleeves and pair it with a bloomer, and you've got one adorable, little outfit!

Wear It LATER: Tunic + Leggings

Once autumn arrives, your baby can wear the tunic in its originally intended combination with leggings. Add a pair of boots, a sweater, and a coordinating beanie and your little one is all ready for crawling through those autumn leaf piles!

Wear It NOW: Cotton Dress

My little girl has pretty much lived in lightweight cotton dresses like this super cute Lady & The Tramp one since her infancy whenever the weather is warm. Paired with some summer shoes, and you're ready to go!

Wear It LATER: Cotton Dress

Add a pair of thick tights or leggings underneath that cotton dress, a cardigan and some boots and you're little one is ready for chilly weather!
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