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Best Jobs for New Moms

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The thought of returning to the office after giving birth can be difficult, even heartbreaking, for many new moms. In addition, women often find themselves seriously rethinking their career paths as maternity or adoption leave draws to a close. If you’re considering a new job path, check out the following ideas offering a collection of family-friendly, flextime, and remote work options.

15 Family-Friendly, Flex-Schedule Job Ideas

Check out our list of job options that allow for flexible schedules, self-employment opportunities and freelance or contract work:

  1. Realtor:
    You’ll need to obtain a certification, but once you do — real estate agents enjoy flexible schedules and good pay (sometimes with benefits).

  2. Financial Planner:
    If numbers are your game, this is the job for you. As a financial planner, you can start your own business or work full- or part-time for an established financial institution.

  3. Interior Designer:
    If you have a keen eye for design, fabrics and colors, this profession could provide a great creative outlet — and a paycheck.

  4. Day Care Center Operator:
    A wonderful way to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom — and bring in some money — is to establish an in-home day care. Check with your city to see what types of certifications and licensing are required.

  5. IT Support Representative:
    For computer-savvy moms, this can be a dream job. Many support centers contract out phone support — so you can perform this gig right from the comfort of your home.

  6. Freelance Writer or Editor:
    For moms with a journalism or English background, there are lots of opportunities available. Check the internet for websites which allow folks to upload resumes and work portfolios for potential clients to peruse and pitch jobs to you.

  7. Massage Therapist:
    The accreditation process takes a bit of time, but the payoff can be a bonus for new moms looking to open a business. Plus, you can host clients in your own home.

  8. Personal Trainer:
    From one-on-one yoga classes to high-energy personal fitness sessions, being a trainer allows you to share your love of fitness. Some companies contract trainers to teach classes to their employees and many gyms bring in outside trainers to visit with clients.

  9. Landscape Architect/Gardener:
    Green-thumbed moms, take note: Selling your services to families looking for help in their backyards can be a fun way to make money — and be outside.

  10. Personal Shopper:
    For ladies who love to shop, this is a dream job! Sometimes department stores, your local wanted ads, or specialty clothing boutiques hire women to help their high-end clientele fill their wardrobes.

  11. Dog Walker:
    Pop baby into the jogger and enjoy a job that gets you and your little one outside — and with your favorite furry friends.

  12. Baker:
    Are you gifted in the kitchen? Creating and baking wedding cakes, birthday cookies, and assorted baked goods can be a big business. (Check with your state government offices for any “home kitchen operation” laws that may influence selling baked goods from your residence.)

  13. Music Teacher:
    If you are a musician, consider offering lessons in your home. You’ll get to help teach others something you’re passionate about — and get paid.

  14. Customer Service Representative or Telemarketer:
    Blessed with the gift of gab? Check job postings for customer service representatives. Many companies have telemarketers dial in from home to minimize overhead.

  15. Blogger:
    This is definitely an up-and-coming job for at-home and new moms. Many publications and businesses are looking for wordsmiths to help them get the word out on their products or to tout their services (all for a paycheck and/or complementary products).
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