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Which Baby Shower is Best for You?

Super fun baby showers are all about the theme. And the secret to picking the right one is to make it all about you! Baby showers that reflect the personality of the mom-to-be make the day even more meaningful because they celebrate your individuality. So if you see yourself represented in the list below, give your family and friends a little hint by sharing your idea.

Full of surprises

If you’re never a bore and always the life of the party, then a gender reveal baby shower might be for you. This exciting way to share the news of whether baby will be a boy or a girl keeps everyone in suspense. Your guests can vote on what sex they believe baby will be and discuss the reasons for their guess throughout the party. At dessert time, reveal the big news by coloring the frosting pink or blue inside your cake or cupcakes.

Far from home

Maybe you’re living overseas or just on opposite coasts. Wherever you may be, if you find yourself living far from family and friends you may want to consider a virtual baby shower. Even though it definitely can’t replace being there, it does give everyone a way to celebrate when getting together is not an option. Shower hosts can ask “guests” to ship gifts to you by a certain date and then they can watch you open them via video chat. Your shower could actually last for weeks if your hosts plan activities and chats online!  

Ladies only

Planning on your shower being an intimate gathering with your closest friends only? Consider having a tea party baby shower. It’s relaxing, great for catching up and easy for your hosts to organize too. Food items can be finger sandwiches, dainty portions of soup or salad and sweets such as scones or crumpets. Teacups and fancy linens are another way to add an easy and elegant touch.

Glued at the hip

Are you and your partner totally inseparable? If your guy has been interested and involved in every aspect of your pregnancy, then you are probably not going to want to exclude him from the shower celebration. Having a couples baby shower works as long as other guys are invited and activities and food reflect everyone’s interests and tastes.

Books are for babies

A mommy-to-be who wants to build a library for baby should definitely consider a book baby shower. This can be a great shower for friends or co-workers to host. Guests are asked to give only a book as a gift and can even be encouraged to make it one of their childhood favorites. Nursery rhymes and classic children’s books can be used to inspire the decorations. This is a shower where everyone will leave feeling good knowing that their gift will play a part in boosting baby’s brain power. 

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