Delightful Diaper Cake Ideas

Crafted out of helpful items new moms can really use, diaper cakes have become an integral part of baby showers, as well as a coveted (and cute!) new mom gift.

From traditional layered cakes to other more fanciful shapes — diaper cake designs and themes are boundless! If you’d like to build one for your favorite mom-to-be, but feel a little overwhelmed, never fear: Our easy tips will get you started.

A diaper cake is a fun and unique gift idea for expecting and new moms. Plus, making a diaper cake is surprisingly easy.

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How to Make a Diaper Cake

The following directions for a basic, three-tiered cake can be applied to a variety of shapes and designs. For example: Use stacked square shapes to create a house or skyscraper, or make just one circular layer for a wreath shape.

What you’ll need

  • About 50 disposable diapers for a 3-tiered round cake (or 70-80 diapers for a 3-tiered square cake)
  • Ribbon or rubber bands
  • A cardboard or thin wood base (optional; for easier transport)

How to make it:

  1. Set your cake base on top of a working surface.
  2. If you’re making a round cake, pre-roll about 50 disposable diapers and secure each with a rubber band or ribbon.
  3. Start the bottom layer of your cake by standing a single rolled diaper on its end vertically at the center of the cake base. This creates the core around which you’ll stand the rest of the rolled diapers. to create the core.
  4. Add pre-rolled diapers vertically around the core to widen your circle layer. Keep adding diapers until you reach the diameter you wish.
  5. Tie a long length of ribbon around the outside of your circular layer to keep the diaper rolls securely in place.
  6. Once your bottom layer is complete, repeat the process with your middle and top layers.
  7. Add decorations like small stuffed animals, rattles, toys and more to your cake.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure all decorations are large enough to avoid being choking hazards for little ones who might attend.
NOTE: If you’re using a square-shaped design, simply use stakes of diapers, right from the package, and secure into columns or squares with a rubber band or ribbon.

Once you have the above diaper cake pattern down, applying themes and extras can take your basic design to a whole new level! Shape your cake to look like: Sushi rolls, books on a bookshelf, a wreath, a house or skyscraper, and so on. Be creative and have fun!

Diaper Cake Design Ideas

Looking for more inspiration for your diaper cake? Try these ideas:

Give it a Theme:
Try a bathtime essentials cake (think: rubber ducky, baby shampoo, bath towel). Or give your cake a bedtime theme with stuffed animals, baby blankets and bedtime stories. Think about what other baby essentials you can incorporate and have fun carrying the theme throughout your design.

Create a Diaper Cake Wreath:
Create a single-layer diaper cake, and decorate it to look like a wreath. Add rolled-in teething cloths and washcloths to flowers. Incorporate other layette essentials into your design.

Make Diaper Cupcakes:
Create “diaper cupcakes” with small single-layer cake shapes. Wrap them in a white coffee filter and tie with a ribbon to accentuate the cupcake design.

Add “Fondant”:
For a diaper cake that looks like it has been covered in fondant, wrap baby blankets around each cake layer before staking the layers on top of one another.


By Heather K. Scott, Tribune Content Solutions