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Plan the Ultimate Couples Baby Shower

Dads are more and more hands-on than ever before, so why throw a baby shower that only honors the mom-to-be?  Host a couples baby shower that celebrates the wondrous journey both parents are embarking on together by using these tips and ideas for the ultimate co-ed baby shower:

Keep your theme simple and couple-centric

Ditch the floral tea sets and pastel decor, instead think outside of the box. Take it outdoors for a barbecue or backyard brunch. Or host a shower in the couples’ favorite neighborhood restaurant. Whatever location you choose, make it more party and less traditional shower. Opt for modern décor and neutral colors. It should feel welcoming to both men and women.

Serve food with flavor and fun

Instead of the traditionally feminine themed finger foods and sweets, focus on foods that the expecting couple enjoy together. Keeping things a little more casual will allow for a more relaxed group of guests that are eager to mingle.  Put together a thoughtful buffet so guests can serve themselves, choosing from healthier options or more hearty fare. You can also think about specialty drinks that will appeal to everyone, like craft sodas or a beer and wine tasting (with some non-alcoholic options for the mom-to-be).

Games may not be on the agenda.

While baby shower games are a staple of the women-only baby shower, there may be less enthusiasm for them at a co-ed shower. Instead of playing typical baby games think creatively about how to engage your guests. Veteran parents can write down their best advice for the expecting mom and dad. Ask each guest to bring their favorite childhood book to share and give to the guests of honor. As an activity and a keepsake, have everyone write down a short anecdote or memory about the mom or dad to be in a journal that will be kept for baby when she grows older – just tell them to keep it PG rated!

One of the nice bonuses of having a couples shower is that the focus is on preparing both parents for the new arrival and letting dad know that he is as important as mom when it comes to raising a healthy, happy baby. Make sure mom and dad both open the baby gifts so they can ooh and aah over the cuteness together.  And the shower is a great time to have people sign up to help out post-delivery by volunteering to bring dinner one night, grocery shop for the new parents, or even babysit once the new parents are ready for a night out.

Now that dads are expected to --and want to-- take a more active role in all aspects of caring for their baby, it’s time to include them in the celebrations leading up to the big arrival. A couples shower is the perfect way to help the expectant parents feel like an unstoppable team while preparing for the momentous change ahead.

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