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Crafty Like A Fox

There’s no doubt about it. Foxes have been the “it” animal in recent years. So if you’re looking for a fun-yet-stylish baby shower theme, the foxes definitely have it. Here’s what you need to know to host a one-of-a-kind baby shower for your favorite (foxy) mom-to-be.


Foxes are known for being crafty critters, so a craft-themed baby shower is definitely in order. Announce the theme of your baby shower—and hint at the craftiness to come—by showcasing your own design abilities as you create fox-themed baby shower invitations.


Party décor

The great thing about planning a fox-themed baby shower is that there are so many creative possibilities when it comes to party décor. Create an eye-catching table display by teaming up fox miniatures with fresh flowers and other natural elements. Or carry the fox theme over to the gift table by simply showcasing a few forest animal friends.


Speaking of gifts, there are all kinds of fun ways to play up the fox theme as you zero in on practical yet whimsical gifts for the new arrival. Consider this fox-themed knapsack, for example. Fill it with diapering essentials and you’ll have a fun yet functional diaper bag that is guaranteed to be much appreciated by the new parents. Or, if you prefer, load the backpack with children’s books that tie into the fox theme—everything from vintage Dr. Suess favorite Fox in Socks to the recent pop culture phenomenon What Does the Fox Say?


There’s a fox in the henhouse! Send your baby shower guests to the omelet bar for a healthy and delicious treat—a custom omelet dressed up with grated artisanal pasteurized cheeses and farm-fresh veggies. Then round out this egg-cellent offering with a spread of sandwiches, breads, salads, and pasteurized cheeses for a tasty and memorable baby shower menu. The best part? You can pull this all together quick as a fox.

FOX_food station.jpg

Guest Book

Send the new parents home with a precious keepsake of their fox-themed baby shower: a guest book that is overflowing with parenting wisdom and best wishes. Simply create some fox-themed writing prompt cards and scatter them on the guest book table to encourage an outpouring of wisdom from your baby shower pack. Some possible writing prompts: “What is the best (or worst) piece of parenting advice you ever received?” “I know _______ is going to be a great parent because…..” “What babies need most is _____________.”

Party Favor

Your baby shower is coming to a close and everyone has had a fabulous time. All that’s left for you to do is to send your party guests home with a fox-themed party favor to serve as a memento of this very special day. Either invite each guest to choose one of the fox-themed miniatures from the food table or send them home with something special that you’ve made just for them. Either way, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and your craftiness. Well done.

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