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Comic Book Baby Shower

Motherhood: it's the ultimate action adventure. Good thing every mom is a superhero -- at least in her baby's eyes.

You can help the mom-to-be in your life master the superhero moves of early parenthood by tapping into the wisdom and advice of other parents at this comic-book themed baby shower.

Here's what you need to know to pull it off in style...


Set the tone for this baby shower by playing up the comic-book theme in your invitations. Mimic the look and feel of your favorite comic books: think crazy-big fonts, eye-catching graphics, and completely over-the-top dialogue (“Sadie and Adam are having a baby!” “OMG” “No Way!”) You get the picture….

Party Decorations

Had fun designing the baby shower invitations? You’re going to have an absolute blast creating the party decorations. This is your chance to truly strut your creative stuff. What you want to do is come up with a series of comic-book styled word bubbles that immediately set the tone for the ultimate “Welcome, Baby!” celebration. After all, isn’t that what baby showers are all about?


Keepsake Pennants

If it takes a village to raise a child, imagine what a village of superheroes could do. That’s what this fun ice-breaker activity is designed to do—encouraging your resident posse of superheroes (a.k.a. party guests) to express their love and support for baby by creating a series of keepsake pennants for baby’s wall. Whether it’s sharing a favorite quote or penning some other inspiring message to greet the soon-to-be new arrival, party guests will savor the chance to welcome baby to the world in such a fun and creative way.

Advice Cards

Here’s a playful twist on the traditional baby shower guest book: a series of fill-in-the-blank advice cards for the parents-to-be. (Example: “I’ve known Sadie and Anthony for ____ years, and I know they’ll be _____ parents. I’m so ____ for them. Little ____ is the luckiest baby ever to have such ____ parents.”) Your party guests will have a great time trying to outdo one another as they come up with increasingly wacky child-rearing advice. So much fun.

Baby Notes

Encourage party guests to include a brief note to baby as part of their baby gift. The parents-to-be can showcase these notes in a comic-book themed scrapbook—a great way to savor these messages of love and caring for many years to come.

Don’t Forget Dad

Make sure Dad gets full credit for his superhero moves, too, by ensuring that there are at least a few shower gifts intended just for him. Case in point: the Super Dad Diaper Backpack, which should be fully loaded with everything he could possibly need while he’s soaring above the city with Super Baby.

And Finally...

Don’t forget to acknowledge your own superpowers. You’ve done a super-nice thing, planning a baby shower for the parents-to-be. That makes you a superhero, too. So go ahead and hang up your cape. Your hard work is done for now.

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! Huggies Baby Shower Planner Comic Book Board

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