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16 Adorable Ideas for Dressing Your Baby Boy

By Lauren Hartmann, Disney Baby

As a wardrobe stylist, my most favorite "clients" to dress are mychildren. Let's be real: Everything is infinitely cuter when it'spint-sized. I've had so much fun dressing my 2-year-old daughter sinceshe was a tiny babe, and I remember having so many moms of boyscommenting about how lucky I was to get to dress a girl, because boy'sclothes weren't nearly as fun.

But now that I have a little boy, I have to say I don't agree at all!Sure, boy's clothes are a bit simpler, but that doesn't mean thatdressing them can't be fun too!

Here are some simple tips to spice up your little man's ensembles.

Dress him like a mini-man

When dressing little boys, just think "mini-man." Little hoodies, tinyshoes, and pint-sized doesn't get much more adorable than that.

Try unique t-shirts

Nothing changes up a simple boy's outfit more quickly than a unique t-shirt.

Have fun with t-shirts

T-shirts are probably my favorite way to add personality to a littleboy's ensemble. There are so many fun screen printed t-shirt designs outthere with fun art, animals, song lyrics and even name personalization.Some of my favorites are companies I've found on Etsy and throughInstagram. T-shirts may be simple, but they instantly make a boy'soutfit more interesting.

Look for vintage

Don't limit yourself only to new fashions. Why not include somevintage too? I love this little vintage shirt on my son that used tobelong to his Daddy.

Try something vintage inspired

If hunting for vintage isn't your speed, but you love the look,perhaps vintage inspired pieces like this Mickey tee would work for yourlittle guy.

Embrace pattern!

Boys can sometimes get stuck with all the ho-hum solid neutrals, butit doesn't have to be that way! Embrace bright colors and patterns,because boys can rock a cool print just as well as their baby girlcounterparts.

Mix patterns

Pattern mixing is a fun way to add visual interest to an outfit. Playwith the scale of the patterns, but try to stick to the same colorpalette to keep the outfit from becoming too busy.

Add a jacket

Layers add interest to any outfit and jackets are a great way to do that. Knits, cotton, wool...all are great options.

Add a vest

This Mickey Mouse vest might be a nice way to add a layer.

Dress it up

Dressing up isn't just for little girls! Adding a collared shirt or ababy bow tie on a little man is a surefire way to make his wardrobemore dapper.


Boys have plenty of great accessory options. Tiny baseball caps and beanies, bandana bibs, and bow ties - so fun!

Own those accessories

Accessories like patterned bandana bibs add both fashion and function to an outfit. Goodbye boring drool bibs!

Play with caps

This Pinocchio cap is an adorable example of how to accessorize!

Change it up with pants

There are great pants options out there for baby boys if you take thetime to look! Don't feel limited to basic solid cotton pants. Jeans,khakis, stripes, and different shades...these are all ways to liven up alook.

Spice it up with shoes and socks

I know that everyone has this idea that little girl's shoes are whereit's at, but I'll let you in on a secret...some of the best shoes arefound in the boy's department! I often bought baby boy boots and tennisshoes for my daughter, because there were far more stylish optionsavailable that weren't jewel encrusted or pink. Little boy shoes are myweakness.

Try a cool pair of boots

These leather boots are a great go-with-everything option for fall and winter!

Keep it simple, but fun!

Above all, keep it simple! Have fun with patterns and accessories,but don't overdo it. Sometimes the sweetest outfits are the most simple.

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