Baby’s First Pictures with Santa

May 31, 2022 | 2 minutes Read

It might be that one of your personal first memories is seeing Santa…and that might be a good or bad memory, depending! Getting pictures with Santa is a rite of passage for any kid. Depending on what time of year your baby was born, you might have photos with Santa with a newborn, older infant or even toddler if your family has decided to wait. No matter how old your child is, here are a few tips and tricks to introduce Santa this holiday season.

Choose the right Santa

Not all Santas are created equal—in fact, you might have your eye on a particular one based on location or photography style. Do your research ahead of time. Some Santas are so popular that they require advanced booking many months ahead! Talk to parents in your neighborhood or community about their experiences to get a better sense of what you should do.

Make your appointment based on your child’s schedule

You’ll want your baby to be well-rested and well-fed, which means picking a time to see Santa that is convenient for them, not necessarily for Santa. That might mean adjusting where you go to get your pictures, or expectations around certain times of day. You will almost always get a better photo out of a child who is not hungry and who is not tired, so keep both of these things in mind when scheduling.

Familiarize your child with Santa

Let’s face it—for some kids, Santa can be scary. Doing a dry run won’t eliminate that fight or flight instinct, but for older infants it might help to introduce them to the concept and face of Santa well before you arrive. You can do this through books, pictures and television shows or clips online. See how your child reacts—they might surprise you and be really into it!

Pick an outfit

Many parents stress over picking the “right” outfit to see Santa, especially if there are sibling coordinating outfits involved. Take into consideration your child’s age and size around the holidays so you can plan out the outfit. There doesn’t need to be a ton of pressure around holiday dressing—you don’t even need to have a theme—but many parents like to. Keep in mind that your holiday photos are representative of your family and a sweet memory of a time and place, not a reason to stress.

Come prepared

For every family, being prepared might look a little different—you know your children best.

Make sure you have a diaper bag filled with diapers and baby wipes. Huggies® Little Snugglers® are a great option for infants visiting Santa, and Huggies®Little Movers® are great for babies who are on the go. Both diapers will help keep any accidents at bay with snug and secure fits designed to contain mess. Wipes, such as Huggies®Natural Care®Sensitive Baby Wipes are also essential to keep baby clean, dry, soothed and happy before their turn with Santa.

Have a backup outfit ready just in case there is spit-up to contend with. Also include any toys or distractions and feeding items needed if you will need to feed before or after plus snacks and any comfort items like lovies or stuffies if your child is toddler-aged. You’ll want to be as close as possible (without interfering with the photographer), especially if your child is an older infant. They might get scared of Santa, which means you might need to be there for a quick hand-off.

Remember, seeing Santa for pictures is about creating memories, and that might mean lowering or managing your expectations a bit. If your baby has a meltdown, has a diaper blowout, or falls asleep, that is OK! These are all anecdotes you can tell for years to come. The most important thing is that you were together as a family.

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