15 Moms Share Their Tried-and-True Tips for Feeding Baby Solids

I remember the first time that I fed all three of my kids solid food. It was such a huge milestone for both of us. I’d become the sole nutritional provider for months, and then all of a sudden, we were taking a big jump into eating fruits and vegetables.

As a new mom, I expected my little ones to like the first foods that I gave them right away, but little did I realize that it takes time and a lot of patience to introduce solids to your baby. There is a lot involved, and it is a process. Thankfully after a little practice, my kids loved fruits and vegetables and still do to this day.

If your little one is ready for this big milestone, check out these tips from fellow moms to help make the process go more smoothly.


Give Baby a seat at the table:

“As soon as my son Noah was able to sit (around 5 months) we bought a high chair, and every time we had a meal he was sitting with us at the table. Soon he started being vocal when he saw us eating, so we started giving him some too. It’s like a ritual for us to have at least one meal a day where we all sit at the table and enjoy food.” – Cristina T.

Remember the essentials:

“Be very patient. Make your own food so you know what goes in it. Waterproof bib. Washcloth to wipe face. Soft tip spoon.” – Christina C.

“[Use] plastic or waterproof bibs which are easy to rinse off.” – Ashley J.

Check in with yourself:

“BREATHE. It may take a while, he may not like it or take to it, but you’re giving your baby a tool for his future health. How you treat the food and the situation is the building block from which he will create his relationship with nutrition. Trust yourself!” – Ellen M.

Capture the moment:

“Have the video camera ready! It’s the first time they will ever eat food, and you can’t forget that moment ever! One of my favorite moments of motherhood was watching them do and try all of their firsts!” – Holly H.

“To let him pretend he is feeding himself by letting him hold the spoon with me has been working wonders. And homemade sweet potatoes make an awesome first food!” – Shara B.

Don’t expect too much:

“Have low expectations. Expect most of it to wind up on their face. Doesn’t matter what you feed them they will be horrified.” – Lauren P.

“Let baby’s abilities guide you. Don’t have expectations. Don’t force it. Have fun!” – Melissa C.

“Don’t expect it to go well, and don’t think your baby will magically know how to eat. It takes time and practice.” -Shannon P.

Think practically:

“Don’t feed out of the jar – if kiddo doesn’t eat it all, the rest of the jar will go bad faster if you’ve introduced saliva into it!” –Katie G.

“Don’t put clothes on baby when feeding purees. Everything stains and it WILL get everywhere.” – Erica T.

Consider timing:

“If you are worried about introducing food that your baby might react to, feed it to them on a Monday morning. That way, if there is a reaction, you could see your doctor during normal business hours instead of going to urgent care or an ER.” – Gondica N.

Keep it simple (and make it fun!):

“Take your time, and cleaning and tidying up can wait… Mix a simple baby cereal with breast milk, and let baby get the hang of swallowing, take a few pics of baby’s first reaction! That can be fun! And enjoy every moment! Your baby will grow up so fast, before you know it he or she will start saying ‘Mommy, I can do it!’ “ – Honey M.

“Keep trying, don’t give up, establish a routine, and make it fun!” -Amelia B.

Image: Huggies

By Lauren Jimeson, DisneyBaby