The Hug Belt

Huggies has created a one-of-a-kind belt that does something pretty amazing. It’s a wrap-around belly band that allows the person wearing it to feel a baby move and kick in utero, right alongside a pregnant mom. Watch the video of Sharde’s story to see the Hug Belt in action.


Hug Belt Hero

How does it work?

The Hug Belt actually consists of two bands. The first one is worn by mom and uses electronic sensors to safely detect signals of the babies’ movement inside the womb. The signals are then transferred to the second band which replicates in real time every kick and move a baby makes – in the exact location where the baby makes them. A light also illuminates so the wearer can see as well as feel the movement.

how it works

Why did we create it?

Huggies believes in the power of hugs, even before babies arrive. And the first time a mother feels her unborn baby move is one of the most powerful bonds she’ll ever share with him. We wanted to help others, especially those who could never be pregnant, experience that same connection. To learn more about our No Baby Unhugged program, click here.

why did we create it

Where can I get one?

You won’t find them in stores. We developed the Hug Belt solely for use in special situations and only a few exist in the world right now. They travel with a small team of technicians to places where hugs are needed.

where can I get one

Who has worn it?

The Hug Belt was first used to surprise a group of dads on Father’s Day, and we’ve allowed other family members to try it on as well. But Sharde’s experience marks the first time a mother who was unable to carry her own child has worn it. To learn more about Sharde’s story, see the full video here.

who  has worn it
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