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So how do you feed and diaper a baby and get them to sleep? We can help with these and other questions that come up during a baby’s first year.

Huggies tips and advice can help with all the questions that come up in the first year.
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Pregnant mom admiring her belly in the mirror​

Baby Care: Spit-Up Happens! How To Get It Out

You can't always predict when or where your newborn baby spits up. Here are four super-easy ways to clean it up, quick.

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Baby Development: The Steps to Baby’s First Steps

It’s baby’s first big move to becoming an independent little person: her first steps! Here are the five gross motor milestones that precede baby’s ability to walk.

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baby crawling with toy in mouth and mom behind her

Baby Milestones: Growth & Development

Your baby is growing and developing quickly! Curious to learn when she’ll most likely hit major milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking? We’ll help you find out — and offer tips to help you and your baby through these big changes.

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Baby on the Move! She's Starting to Crawl

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Bedtime Routines: How Parents Say Nighty-Night

Get tips from other parents on getting your toddler to sleep and other bedtime routines to put your child to bed.

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Baby with a hat crying

Colic FAQs & Answers from the Experts

Your crying baby just can’t seem to calm down; Could he have colic? We asked experts to weigh in on what you can do to better understand, manage, and possibly prevent colic.

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Don’t mess with the snuggle

Your arms are aching and your mother-in-law says you’re spoiling your baby by picking her up when she cries. Don’t sweat it. Snuggling may be exactly what she needs.

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Tips and advice from Huggies about the power of hugs.

Power of Hugs

From your first hugs to the gentle care NICU nurses give, learn about the incredible role hugs play in your child’s development.

Huggies has tips and advice for how to make nurturing connection while diapering.


Huggies has tips and advice on how to make diapering a nurturing connection for you and your baby.

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