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There Grows My Baby – Creative DIY Baby Growth Charts

Babies sure grow fast! To preserve the memories of infancy, toddlerhood and beyond, many parents keep some sort of baby book or journal. But even more fun can be the visuals that truly record the miraculous physical growth.

I remember the beam in my childhood kitchen that had marks showing just how tall my brother and I were at regular intervals in our lives. As we grew, it was a fun reminder of our early years. Luckily our parents still live there or we’d have lost that forever. Here are some creative ideas to capture those lightning fast changes with your own children. They can even become part of baby’s room décor:

  1. Rather than mess up your walls and risk losing all the markings when you paint or move, why not use a removable chart? You can buy all sorts of growth charts or wall decals, or make your own! Get a five-by-one foot piece of thin plywood, foam core or even a large piece of felt and be creative. Paint it to look like a giant ruler, giraffe or tree. You can use a long piece of ribbon, jute webbing or canvas. Use clothespins or colorful permanent markers to make your ages and stages notations.

  2. Make a chart out of a meaningful object that can also serve as decoration in baby’s room. How about a surfboard, boat oar or a pair of skis? Just be sure to attach the object securely to the wall.

  3. Here’s a fun way to use those adorable baby shoes you don’t want to part with: make a shadow box. Include an ascending collection of single baby shoes from first bootie to tiny Mary Jane to adorable toddler sneaker and more. Start with a copy of baby’s hospital footprint. My how your feet have grown!

  4. Make an infographic perfect for framing that shows when baby’s teeth come in, and then later, when they fall out. Add photos of that toothy grin.

  5. Just like you documented your bump, keep track of baby’s growth month by month in photographs taken in the same place, in the same rocking chair, or with the same favorite stuffed animal. Then hang them in sequence for a true timeline growth chart.

How cute are those tiny toesies? Sponge some waterproof, non-toxic paint onto the bottom of baby’s foot (or feet) and press them onto a piece of painted plywood or card stock (pink, blue or a color to coordinate with baby’s room). Keep it going every week for the first few months or every month for the first year. Be sure to date each one to frame or keep in the baby book.

The best thing about these ideas is that they can travel with you and be a lasting memory for you and your child forever. 


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