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A Dad’s Guide to Raising a Baby Girl

The bond between a father and daughter is always special. As the first man in her life, a dad makes a very strong impression on a daughter, and can help shape her view and expectations of herself and of other boys and men as she grows up.  Here are some things to keep in mind while raising your baby girl that may not be so obvious at first.

Cradle your baby girl

If your partner is breastfeeding you can still spend quality cuddling time with your baby girl. Rocking her to sleep, reading to her and even listening to music together are wonderful ways to bond.

Change diapers – the right way

There aren’t a lot of differences between boys and girls, but knowing to wipe and clean a girl’s bottom from front to back is essential. And when she’s ready to potty train the same rule applies!

Do housework

Want to raise a girl who knows that both boys and girls can and should do anything? Model modern dad behavior by cooking, doing laundry, changing diapers and cleaning up around the house. Dividing the household chores between both spouses will help your daughter see that both moms and dads are responsible for caring for her home.

Involve your daughter in your hobbies

If you love to fix and build things, make sure your daughter gets in on the fun. Love sports, art or travel? Share your interests with your girl and she’ll not only learn to tackle an array of activities, but she’ll probably be a great companion and fan.

Be kind to the women in your life.

Your daughter is always watching you, so your actions and words towards your partner and spouse will sink in as she observes your daily interactions together. Treating the women in your life with respect and kindness will set the expectations that your daughter will have as she grows up.

Buy her all the toys

Well, not ALL the toys – but do make sure to get on the floor and play with trucks and trains, as well as play dress up and tea parties if that's what she wants to do. Imaginary play of all kinds is great for your daughter to build her storytelling skills and for her to explore various roles and ideas. Don’t limit your daughter to gender specific toys, and always jump in so she knows that play isn’t just for kids.

Raising a girl is all about building her confidence and setting the foundation for how she will expect to be treated and will treat others in turn. By being involved in her life, getting hands-on with the day to day care, and not strictly defining how your daughter should behave or what she should like, you will create and everlasting bond and a young woman you will be very proud of.

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