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Prepping Your Home To Welcome Baby

Nesting is one of nature’s most common instincts for parents-to-be. It’s a time of cleaning, organizing and prepping not only yourself and the nursery, but every corner of your home to welcome your baby. Readying your home and making it a cozy inviting place is like embracing baby in a safe, warm hug. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t picked out all the nursery décor yet. Perhaps your baby’s personality will inspire a different look than you planned before they arrived on the scene. Stick to the basics. Keep colors soothing and warm up the nursery with a sound machine that can help your baby get back to sleep. Some people also like black-out shades to keep the room dark and help teach baby the difference between night and day. 

Make sure there’s a comfy couch or chair for you to feed your baby, or just watch him or her sleep. A little table next to this chair can be stocked with magazines, a baby book or blank notebook, hand lotion and some bottled water so once you sit down you’ll have everything on hand. You’ll be happy to have some essentials nearby during those quiet moments of reflection as your baby is dozing on your chest. Did you order thank-you notes and birth announcements? Stick some in a zippered plastic bag with a pen in the basket so you can write some while you’re nursing or feeding baby

If you live in a multi-level house, set up a changing station on every level so you don't have to carry your wet infant up or down stairs.  

Make sure there are lots of fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grain crackers, yogurt and more since you’ll need nutrient-rich foods to help you keep up your energy level and you won’t have much time to shop. Keep a supply of bottled water so you don’t get dehydrated.

Baby gear will soon fill every corner of your home, but you might try to keep your bedroom as a grown-up sanctuary with minimal baby things. A face mask, some essential bath oils and a fluffy towel in the bathroom work well for the rare time off you may be lucky to have. And when you’re shopping for your bundle of joy, it’s ok to splurge on a new robe for yourself.

Essential Checklist


Changing Table 


Closet filled with adorable outfits 


Baby shampoo


Diaper cream 


Nasal syringe 

Nail clippers

Huggies hypoallergenic Natural Care wipes

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers 

Relax and enjoy at the end of pregnancy before the adventure begins. Hug that growing belly and get excited, because very soon you’ll have your baby in your arms for the real thing.

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