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Dear Baby - What Will You Say When You First See Your Baby

The first time you hold your baby is an amazing, unforgettable experience. What will you say during your first hug? How will you greet the new member of your family?

It’s also a great time to write your thoughts down in a journal or a blog post. Write a letter to your baby or narrate a video to capture your first moment of bonding, and share what you were thinking at the beginning of your child’s life as he or she grows.

Here’s how Bethany Kandel welcomed her newborn son:


Welcome to the world baby! It’s been nine long months that I’ve waited to meet you. You’re finally here with your 10 fingers and toes, cute button nose and lots of hair on your head. You are beautiful, even though at the moment you are kind of purple colored and wrinkled looking…sort of like a tiny old man.

It seems like it’s been forever since I found out I was pregnant with you. Every day for these nine months has been exciting to just dream about the person you will be. I couldn’t wait for my belly to grow so the whole world would know (and also so I’d get a seat on the subway).

You’ve been busy in there. I’ve felt you rocking ‘n rolling all around. Will you be a soccer player? A dancer? Musical? One night when I went to a classical concert at Carnegie Hall you certainly kicked up a storm. 

As you grew, I was able to watch you move inside of me and even see a hand or foot push against my belly. Sometimes I felt like I was in an alien movie and you were going to pop right out of my belly.

I’ve been trying to cradle you safely inside of me, protecting you from the outside world until you were ready to be born. Now, here you are! I still can’t believe it. And such a good boy… you arrived right on schedule, on your due date, and it only took a couple of pushes to get you out of your comfortable cocoon.

I thought I’d miss having you inside of me. It felt like I always had a little buddy along for the ride. But now that you are here in the flesh, I know we are going to have so much fun together.

I can’t wait to show you everything – snow, fall leaves, the stars in the sky. I already have so many plans for our little family. All the places your daddy and I want to take you, craft projects for us to do, people I want you to meet.

What will you be like, I wonder? Will you look like daddy or me, or a combination? What will you excel at? What books will you like to read?

I know, you’re probably already rolling your eyes (do babies actually do that or will you wait to be a teen to master that?). You’re probably thinking, “Slow down mom, I just got here.” But I am just so excited to start our life together that I can’t help myself.

For now I could just stare at you, touch your soft skin, inhale your delicious baby smell and marvel at the incredible fact that we created you. You are truly a miracle and I’m so thankful that you made me a mother.

My wish is that you will be happy, healthy and fulfilled in your life and always know that you are loved. We will give you every opportunity that we can and hope that you live a good life. Daddy and I will be here to hold your hand when you need it, to push you out on your own when you are ready and to guide you along the way.

It’s almost impossible to explain how much love, joy, pride and happiness I feel right now all because of your arrival.

So dear baby, welcome to the world. I’m so happy to be your mom. I will love you forever.

Image : Getty

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