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We believe in the power of hugs. That’s why every diaper we make is inspired by your hugs.

Huggies diaper and wipes are inspired by your hugs.
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Huggies Natural Care Wipes are made of safe and natural ingredients.

What are Huggies Natural Care Wipes Really Made Of?

How Huggies® Wipes are made in 4 easy steps

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A smiling mother and baby sit on a couch wrapped in a blanket

Diapers Inspired by Your Hugs

Huggies has always been inspired by the power of parents’ hugs. Everything about our diaper is designed to keep sensitive newborn skin healthy and protected.

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Just in Case: Best Places to Stash Diapers and Wipes

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Stock Up and Stash: Be Ready for Diaper Changes Wherever You Are

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The Anatomy of a Baby Wipe

How Huggies® Wipes are made in 4 easy steps

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Baby sleeping with minnie mouse doll

The Diapers That Helped Us Get a Better Night’s Sleep

This is the diaper that my daughter didn’t mind wearing to sleep!

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Mother holding baby wearing Huggies Diapers

What to Look For in a Diaper

No getting around it—if you’re having a baby, you'll need diapers. Many, many diapers. What you may not know is that not all diapers are created equal.

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Tips and advice from Huggies about the power of hugs.

Power of Hugs

From your first hugs to the gentle care NICU nurses give, learn about the incredible role hugs play in your child’s development.

Huggies has tips and advice for how to make nurturing connection while diapering.


Huggies has tips and advice on how to make diapering a nurturing connection for you and your baby.

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