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7 Smart Party Planning Tips for Baby's 1st Birthday

It’s hard to believe that twelve months have gone by since your new baby came into the world. In just one year, your baby has gone from a small bundle of joy to a mobile, smiling, engaging one-year-old.  Celebrating this milestone is a must, and so is enjoying the actual party. Follow these tips and you’ll have a fantastic party that’s not fantastically stressful.

Plan around your baby’s schedule

Don’t lose sight of the guest of honor. You want your baby to be at their best so you can avoid meltdowns and tears. If your baby takes a long afternoon nap you might want to plan a morning party or vice versa. Don’t alter your baby’s schedule on this important day.

Enlist help

Designate other people to pick up decorations, food and even the cake. Letting friends and family lend a helping hand doesn't just take the pressure off of you but also makes them feel part of the process.

Order ahead of time

Paper goods, party favors, even fresh flowers can be ordered online and delivered right to your door so you have fewer shopping trips and more things crossed off your list.

Use a photographer

You will want to enjoy the party and be in the pictures, rather than be the one taking them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a professional photographer. It’s the perfect job for a teenage guest or babysitter.

Bring in food

While it’s wonderful to want to make everything from scratch for your party, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while your guests and your baby are having fun in another room. You can easily pick up food for a crowd from a nearby favorite restaurant or a large grocery or warehouse store. Or find easy cook ahead recipes that you can make days before and freeze until the big day.

Let them eat cake

A first birthday cake is a tradition worthy of many memorable pictures. Whether you serve cupcakes, a sheet cake or a layer cake, you can make or buy a small individual cake just for the baby of honor.  There are few things cuter than a baby licking frosting and cake off their pudgy little hands for the first time.

Hire a babysitter

If your guest list includes a lot of kids you should hire a local babysitter who can play organized games, keep the kids entertained and keep an eye on little ones. Having a plan for your youngest guests will help ensure that their parents can enjoy themselves as well.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the big 1st birthday, with a little planning and some help you can enjoy the day and make it as special as your birthday baby.

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