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Huggies® Simply Clean® Fragrance Free

Reliable, Multi-Purpose
Cleans messes here, there and everywhere. Huggies® Simply Clean® Fragrance Free Wipes work on baby's hands, faces and bottoms. Take them wherever you take messes.
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HUGGIES Simply Clean

Huggies® Simply Clean® Fragrance Free

Huggies® Simply Clean® Fragrance Free

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A reliable, versatile clean

Both fragrance and alcohol free, you can use them anywhere your baby makes a mess. Try them at home or on-the-go. Because kids outgrow diapers, not messes.

Mom wiping baby after meal

Pack Options

Available in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether at home or on the go, Huggies has the perfect wipes. They're stylish, portable and adorable!

    HUGGIES Simply Clean
    1. HUGGIES Simply Clean Wipes Big Pack

      Big Pack

    2. HUGGIES Simply Clean Wipes Soft Pack

      Soft Pack

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Video Reviews

    1. "Simple, soft, and gets the job done."

      Hannah V.
    2. "Effective multi-purpose cleanser"

      Catie L.
    3. "best bargain wipes!"

      Michelle B.
    4. "Good versitile wipe"

      Susie J.
    5. "Get the job done"

      Emily A.
    6. "Huggies Simply Clean is another way of saying: Sensitive. They're excellent!"

      Brandy W.
    7. "Great wipe for sensitive skin at a good price."

      Pamela A.
    8. "My review of Huggies Simply Clean wipes and Snug and Dry diapers."

      Danielle G.

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