14 Weeks Pregnant

Jan 25, 2022 | 3 minutes Read

This is the first week in your second trimester, the trimester a lot of women find the most comfortable of the three. Hopefully, your nausea and tiredness aren't so bad at 14 weeks pregnant and you’re not so big you feel awkward. Expect a surge of energy in the next few weeks as your body really starts pumping out those feel-good hormones.

It is important that you start doing pelvic floor exercises now, which will help your body to support the increasing weight of your uterus. Many potential problems can be avoided by doing regular, daily repetitions which will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

14 weeks pregnant symptoms

Estrogen is stimulating your skin cells to produce more darkening pigment. Look for the "Butterfly" mask of pregnancy which often starts on the cheeks and extends over the nose and mouth.

Feeling a little warm? That's because of the huge increase in your circulating blood volume. Your heart is working very hard to supply both yours and your baby's body with adequate oxygen.

You may feel as if you are not quite with it this week. A little more forgetful and even vague. Blame those hormones and Mother Nature.

Mood swings may cause you to be up and down this week. One minute you could be close to tears and the next, almost overcome with happiness.

At 14 weeks pregnant, your belly may stick out on some days more than others due to bowel distension.

You could also be feeling a lot more relaxed about being pregnant and the

Complications at 14 weeks pregnant

Avoid anemia by making sure you’re eating lots of iron rich foods such as red meat, green leafy vegetables and fortified whole grain cereals.

Feeling some pangs on your right side? Cramping at 14 weeks can be due to round ligament pain, a common experience. Try stretching and changing your position. As your pregnancy progresses, the round ligaments will soften and hopefully stretch.

As your body is changing, you may be feeling stressed, wondering if you’ll ever look the same. Eat healthy food, the occasional treat, and be mindful of your weight.

14-week pregnant baby changes

This week your baby’s eyelids are fused over their fully developed eyes. Your baby may even be growing hair on her head.

A 14-week embryo is obvious now on an ultrasound. Instead of her little head resting on her chest, there’s actually a neck separating the two. Her chin is jutting out more and the ears have moved into their rightful place on the side of the head.

Your baby’s heartbeat will be beating at around twice the rate of your own. At your prenatal visits, it will sound like a steady and regular beat, making your own beat just a little faster.

This week your baby will be able to frown and squint. Your 14-week fetus is still flicking around in your uterus, making sudden jumping movements which you won’t be aware of. If you are having twins or a multiple pregnancy, your 14 weeks pregnant belly may be bigger than you expect it to be. One of the first signs of carrying more than one baby is excessive nausea and being large for dates. If not already, an ultrasound will soon pick up if there is more than one baby inside.

When you are having your prenatal checks and having your tummy be palpated, the baby will move away from all that gentle prodding and poking.

Tips for 14 weeks pregnant

Use hunger as a prompt for when to eat. You are likely to be looking at food in a completely new light around now. Make sure you have plenty of healthy meals and snacks and don t think about dieting. This isn’t the time to be losing weight.

Speak with your pregnancy care provider about the need for pregnancy supplements.

Don’t forget your fiber! Fruit and vegetables are essential as they’re bulk forming and help to push everything along in the bowel.

Planning a holiday? Now's the time to pack your bags and take a little vacation. The second trimester is the best time to travel, while you have the energy to enjoy it and the risk of early labor is less. If you intend to fly, check out airline restrictions regarding flying during pregnancy.

You might want to go shopping for new clothes at 14 weeks pregnant. Whether you invest in maternity clothes or just bigger sizes is up to you. What can work is a combination of both. There is a certain thrill to buying maternity clothes. There's a limited time in your life when you qualify for them and in some way, they just confirm what you've known for a while. You are pregnant, you are having a baby. Still seems amazing, doesn’t it?


I haven’t felt my baby move yet, is that normal?

If you've had a baby before and are very alert, you might be aware of some tiny movements. But you're more likely to be sure of them in the next couple of weeks.

I’m getting constipated, what can help?

Drink lots of fluids to keep well hydrated. Eat extra fruit and vegetables and exercise daily.

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