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We Survived! (7 Parenting Milestones We've Made it Through)

By: Becka Robinson

So earlier we talked about 7 Exciting Emotional Milestones that were exciting for us to get to experience our son grow through. But today I’m following it up with the 7 Milestones that my husband and I hit in the process of adjusting to having a child for the last 9 months that really made us feel like parents. These are 7 things that, once you’ve made it through them, make you truly feel like you’ve earned your "New Parent" badge…

1. Functioning on 2 Hours of Sleep- Everyone knows that sleep deprivation comes with the new baby territory. I have no idea how I was able to function, hold conversations, or even drive for that matter but we made it through! And so will you. Gold star please. :)

2. The First "Serious" Diaper Change- I’m using the word "serious" instead of more creative verbiage to keep you from getting grossed out. But you moms and dads out there know what I’m talking about. This is the kind of experience that requires a whole pack of wipes, maybe a full wardrobe change, and a sometimes a shower. ;)

3. Forgetting Something Important at Home- Wipes, Extra Food, Diapers, The Paci… it’s that moment when you’re already an hour into running errands and you realize that you forgot something important for your baby at home. Panic takes over for a minute and then you adjust. Because you’re supermom.

4. The first nail clipping- I was so afraid to clip our sons nails. But once he scratched his face hard enough to draw blood I knew I had to get over it and mark this milestone off the list. If your baby is extra wiggly, I suggest waiting till they are asleep to try this for the first time. But after that, you’ll be a pro!

5. Going out to Dinner and Only Talking About the Baby- We said we wouldn’t and then we did. The first couple times we got a chance to go out on a date we couldn’t stop from talking about the baby. And then we caught ourselves, in all of our sitcom-style glory, and laughed it off. I guess we just need more date nights to practice. ;)

6. Stage Four Public Meltdown- The first time your baby loses their mind in a temper tantrum of epic proportions in public. And instantly your brain starts arguing with itself: Oh no! People are looking. Do I give it? What kind of message does that send? Do I leave the store? I already have a full cart. What to do?! Once you survive this, you get your new mom and dad badge for sure! And maybe a lolipop, for being brave. Ha!

7. Bridging the Style Gap- We are a team. But, naturally, as a mom and dad we have different parenting styles. It can be difficult to give each other the space to grow into a parent without trying to tell the other person what we think they should do differently. But we made it. We each understand that while different, the way each of us handles things isn’t wrong. Parenting milestone? Check and mark!

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