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15 Ways to save Money for Your Family

Raising kids is about to get a lot cheaper, thanks to these great tips from Moms on HUGGIES Facebook community. 

  1. "I buy my children’s clothes at garage sales, resale shops, and off the clearance rack. Then I have a garage sale to sell the clothes they grow out of, in order to purchase new ones."—Jamie J. 
  2. "I plan meals and shop for a month’s worth of groceries at once. Saves money and time!"—Brittany H.
  3. "Open a bank account in your children’s names. You always want to keep putting more money in, and they can't access it until they’re 18. Also, have a money jar. Tell everyone this money jar is for a big family vacation to anywhere they want to go. The more money, the better the vacation."—Ashley H.
  4. "Sales with coupons always save us money. If you have a 50-cent coupon that most stores double, and then that item goes on sale for 99 cents, you get it free!"
     —Kimberly W. 
  5. "Get the family involved in meal prep. It makes the meal exciting and home cooked, which is cheaper."—Rochelle G. 
  6. "Breastfeeding! No bottles and formula to buy."—Charyse B.
  7. "I hit Craigslist, Freecycle, and local consignment shops for most of my daughter’s toys."—Nicholle G.
  8. "I overbuy things I know we use around the house—diaperswipes, toothpaste, detergent. Having a stockpile keeps me from having to shop last minute when we run out of something, and that keeps me from eating lunch while out and spending on gas for errands."—Nicole S. 
  9. "Use good diapers like HUGGIES!!"—Rebecca A.
  10. "I just saved $220 a month by refinancing the mortgage, $50 a month by switching insurance companies, and $30 quarterly by switching trash companies! Never be satisfied with what you are paying because you don’t feel like dealing with it!"—Kelly H.
  11. "I buy most of the Christmas gifts a year ahead, when they are part of a 50 to 90 percent off clearance sale."—Chrissy S.
  12. "I use Goodwill for my daughter’s clothes—$1.50 per outfit, compared to the $15 I would spend anywhere else! They all either have tags on them or are practically new." —Alana L.
  13. "I (heart) coupons. The only reason we have a subscription to the paper is for coupons. We get it four times a week and save waaaay more with the coupons than what we pay for the subscription!"—Traci P.
  14. "Buy in bulk!"—Maureen H.
  15. "We learned the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need.’ It really helps prevent wasting money on junk that becomes clutter."—Stacey F.

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