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Pregnancy Month 9: "The final weeks."

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This is it. The last month of pregnancy. The final few weeks can feel like an eternity, or like there’s not enough time to get everything done. No matter how slowly or quickly the last month goes by for you, one thing’s for sure—it’ll come to an end with your baby’s birth! Whether the day goes as planned or you encounter some bumps along the way, you’ll soon have a story all your own to tell.

Brooklyn mom Jennie took  it to heart when her doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to eat once she was admitted into the hospital for labor and delivery. “We were out having an early Mother's Day celebration with our families, and I'd been having contractions all day long. I was determined to eat one last meal. My husband was keeping a close eye on his watch … and me. Once he realized I was five minutes apart, he nudged me, and I said, ‘I'm not going anywhere until I've had my cheesecake for dessert.’ (It was REALLY good Italian cheesecake). Obviously, nothing gets between me and a good dessert, not even childbirth. And good thing. They sent me home because I wasn't dilated enough!”

Sometimes a baby isn’t in the perfect head-down position in the last few weeks, and moms will try an array of things to move them. North Carolina mom Brittany recalled her funny attempts to get her baby to move. “Violet was breech, and I remember all the ridiculous things I tried to get her to turn. Yes, I tried meditation where I mentally pictured her somersaulting into position. I played hip-hop songs with the speaker facing my lower body, and yes, I took a flashlight and regularly shed light down there, praying she'd turn to the light. Nothing worked but the External Cephalic Version (ECV), which my doctor successfully performed, and then she came out headfirst and perfect. But, I've got some hysterical memories!”

It’s natural for the days leading up to delivery day to be filled with anxiety and anticipation. Try keeping yourself occupied, well hydrated and rested. Make sure you and your partner have your hospital bag packed and ready, it’s an experience unlike any other, so relax as much as you can and enjoy the moments both big and small.

This article is part of our Pregnancy Month-by-Month series. Parents who have "been there" share their memories with parents just starting their journey toward parenthood.

By Rebecca Levey
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