Maternity Clothes - Essentials for Every Season

We’ll help you look and feel great all year long with these simple and easy maternity fashion tips from celebrity stylist Alison Deyette ( to help you select the best wardrobe essentials for your pregnancy.

“As a pregnant soon-to-be mom there's nothing fun about being uncomfortable and not feeling attractive due to what you're wearing,” says celebrity stylist Alison Deyette ( Your beautiful mom-to-be body should be a badge of pride — even if you don’t always feel gorgeous. We have easy tips from Deyette to help ensure you feel and look your best throughout your pregnancy.

Everyday Essentials

You needn’t spend a fortune on maternity wear. Look for transitional pieces that can be worn at home, to work and on a date night. You might already own some of these pieces. Deyette suggests looking for the following:
  • A V-neck top
  • A wrap dress with some stretch
  • A maxi skirt or empire-waist maxi dress
  • The perfect pair of black or navy pants (the kind that stretch like a quality pair of yoga pants; Deyette suggests pairing them with a T-shirt, sweater, blazer or pretty top)
  • A faux wrap top (Deyette likes the flattering fit of V-neck and suggests that post pregnancy it can transition to a nursing shirt)
  • Roomy lounge pants
  • A comfy cami (with a built in shelf bra for extra support)
  • Leggings
  • A long-sleeved cardigan with room for a growing belly (like a open drape knit style)
  • A full panel pair of maternity jeans (the full panel is usually more comfortable than the demi panel)

    Fall & Winter Wear Must-Haves

    Add to your key essentials a few seasonal pieces to ensure your pregnancy wardrobe will keep you warm and cozy as temperatures fall. Deyette recommends the following additions:
    • A great slouchy knit sweater (for those days when you just want to be comfy; layer it over a long-sleeved T-shirt)>
    • A scarf in thin cashmere or linen (for added style and warmth)

    Spring & Summer Supplies

    For pregnancies lasting into spring and summer, some additional items can be real life savers as the air gets hot and heavy. Being pregnant during this time of year can add a whole new level of discomfort! To help you feel your best, Deyette says to include the following in your closet:
    • T-shirts and tanks with stretch (made with materials that aren't too sheer or too thin)
    • Lightweight pieces
    • Pieces made from materials that wick away sweat
    • Flowing dresses, skirts and tops that give freedom of movement, but also keep their shape as Mom’s belly grows

    Expert Advice

    “Don't spend all your money on your wardrobe at the maternity store,” says Deyette. “In many cases you can find inexpensive pieces in stretchy versions similar to what you already wear or by choosing to go one to two sizes up from your regular size in the brands you already wear. If you choose to go the stretchy route then you'll likely get more wear for your buck since you can wear it longer and likely wear


    By Heather K. Scott, Tribune Content Solutions