Diaper Blowouts: Another Parent Rite of Passage

It's bound to happen - you and your baby are out at the park or the store, or worst of all an airplane, and suddenly it strikes - the blowout. Up the back, leaking out the sides - it's a poop volcano and you are a one-woman disaster clean up team. It's a rite of passage that every new parent goes through, but blowouts are preventable and a little preparation goes a long way.

Diaper Blowouts: Another Parent Rite of Passage

Sizing is Everything

When your baby has a blowout your first instinct may be that the diaper didn't do its job, but chances are the diaper was too small. The blowout is a sign that your baby is ready to move to the next diaper size range. You can use the simple Huggies size finder to find the perfect diaper size for your growing baby. Make sure to check the fit around the legs, not just the waist, to ensure that the elastic is snug enough to prevent leakage, but not too tight that it's leaving a mark or pulling on baby's skin. As your baby progresses to a crawler and then walker, the fit is even more important and the diaper should be symmetrical to ensure an even fit all around.

Change in Diet

As your baby gets older and her diet changes to include solid foods like vegetables, grains and fruits, her diapers are going to change as well - and sometimes there's a reaction that you wouldn't expect! When introducing new foods into your baby's diet be prepared to change their diaper more often and keep an eye (and nose) out for allergic reactions. Upset tummies can happen, but keeping a food diary will help you know what your baby can tolerate and what they can't. Preparation is Key

Despite your vigilance, blowouts can still happen - and often at the worst possible moment. Extra diapers and plenty of wipes in your diaper bag are a must, but you should also have one extra outfit for baby and even a spare T-shirt for yourself since poop can happen anywhere and everywhere! If your baby is between stages or seems to be going through a growth spurt carry a few diapers the next size up so you are ready for moving up.

Protect Baby's Skin

Blowouts aren't just super messy, they can also be super irritating to baby's skin so make sure to completely clean off every bit of poop. But be gentle. If there's a bathroom nearby you can rinse your baby's bottom with lukewarm water and use baby wipes to clear it all away. A thin layer of zinc-oxide cream or other non-irritating diaper cream will help create a barrier between your baby's delicate skin and any future blowouts.

Yes, blowouts will happen. But, once you understand why they do, and how to deal with them, they won't be such a horrible ordeal. And, you will have a funny story that will inevitably be told over and over again with other parents who completely understand. Just keep calm and diaper on.

By Rebecca Levey for Huggies.com

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