Toddler Baths: Put More "Splish" In Their "Splash"

Bath time with a toddler can get pretty wet and wild. Here are some simple games guaranteed to pump up your tub fun.

Don't forget the basics: "After spending money on countless bath toy gizmos that didn't live up to their claims, I've found that the simplest things in the bath work best for us," says Lisa Noel, a mom of three in Zion, Illinois. "We keep only plastic drinking cups, and a collection of foam shapes and letters. These toys never get old!" Also try plastic pitchers, measuring cups, and bowls; toddlers love to dump water from one container into another.

Let them write on the walls: Pick up tub crayons for tiled walls and let your little Picasso have at it. You can also make it a teaching moment by scribbling letters or numbers. Self-expression, alphabet review, and a scrubdown? Tub trifecta!

Do American Tub Idol: Sure, there’s the classic "Rubber Duckie, You’re The One," but you can also encourage your child to make up her own songs. One idea: Belt out tunes where you name the body parts that are being scrubbed ("This is the way we wash our arms, wash our arms, wash our arms…").

Have backup bubbles: "We found colored tablets that turn the bath water different colors. My daughters squeal as I make red water into purple water, or blue water into green," says Richele McFarlin, a mom of four from Toledo, Ohio. "If I don’t have any of these on hand, I always—always—have bubble bath. Even if bubbles are the only bath accessory, the party is on!"

Play hair salon: Lather your child’s hair with shampoo, shape it into a fun style, and hold up a mirror so he can admire his new look. Spikey mohawk, anyone? Have your camera handy—you’re guaranteed some priceless photo ops.

Toddler Baths: Put More "Splish" In Their "Splash"