Create a Lifestyle Baby Registry

Whether you’re creating a registry online or by visiting a local store, you can make the process less overwhelming by considering how your lifestyle will affect what baby needs. You’ll create a unique and interesting registry that reflects your family’s personality, and receive wonderful gifts that you and baby will actually use.

So after you’ve added the bibs, bottles and other basics you need, think about the categories below. Taking your lifestyle into consideration will help you generate ideas for additional necessary items that should be added to your baby registry.

Baby Registry Etiquette Tips for Moms to BeBaby Registry Etiquette Tips for Moms to Be

Living space

Your needs (and baby’s) can vary depending upon the type of home you live in. If you’ll be living in an apartment, you may want to register for space-saving items such as a booster feeding seat rather than a large and clunky high chair. Items that can be stored flat, like folding baby bathtubs or playards, are also practical picks.

Will you be living in a house? If so, you may have space for a dedicated nursery. That means you can register for nursery décor items such as artwork, lamps or bookshelves. Having more room also allows you to accommodate larger toys and accessories—so go ahead and add them to your list. And if you have lots of stairs in your home, don’t forget to add multiple hardware-mounted baby gates to your registry.

Your community

Living in the city means you and baby may be taking public transportation. You might need to register for a lightweight, foldable stroller, a sunshade cover, rain gear and stroller storage accessories for grocery shopping and other outings. Things like backpack diaper bags, slings and carriers are also great if you’ll be traveling by bus or train.

If you’re in the suburbs, a car could be your main mode of transportation. Registering for a collapsible stroller and car accessories such as window shades or a back seat mirror definitely makes sense. Do you have a backyard? Think about outdoor toys that baby might use or grow into as a toddler.

The climate

Will baby experience four seasons or just one? Think beyond the onesies and plan ahead for all the clothing needs baby will have during the first year. Remember, swimsuits, sweaters, jackets and pants are all outgrown very quickly. Consider your travel plans throughout the year too. You may live in the warm climate of California, but if you travel to Minnesota for the holidays, your little one will definitely need a snowsuit.

Recreational activities

Are you a runner who plans on jogging with baby? A frequent traveler who will be signing up her newborn for a miles account? Your recreational activities definitely affect the kind of gear and supplies baby will need during her first year. Don’t be shy about registering for items such as a travel bassinet, hiking baby carrier or even sunhats and chemical-free sunscreen. Your loved ones, friends and co-workers will feel great about giving gifts that contribute to family fun.

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By Karen Grimaldos