Fun Ideas for Your Fall Gender Reveal

Once autumn hits, everyone’s thoughts and plans naturally shift to giving thanks and getting together with family and friends. That’s why fall is such a fabulous time to announce baby’s gender to your loved ones.

This time of year also provides lots of fun themes that you can use to help you share the good news. Here are some ideas to create an unforgettable announcement for your baby’s fall gender reveal:


Pumpkin patch

Take that awesome fall pic you took of all the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and change it to a black and white image. Color just one small pumpkin in pastel pink or baby blue. Follow up that eye-catching image with the message: Our little pumpkin is a (girl or boy)! No existing pic to work with? Create a mini pumpkin patch in your yard or at the park with five or six small pumpkins and then snap a close-up.

Scarecrow family

Line up two large scarecrows that represent a mom and a dad against an old wooden fence. Add one smaller scarecrow to the scene to represent baby. Dress up the baby scarecrow as either a girl or boy to help officially announce your baby’s gender.

Football fanatics

If you and your family are serious football fans—or you’re expecting baby number two, three or four—this could be the theme for you. Snap a pic of your family in football uniforms or jerseys and set out a pink or blue helmet or football to represent baby in your team photo. Wrap it all up with the line: Our team’s new rookie is going to be a (girl or boy)!

Fall color

Nothing says fall like the changing colors. So why not take this classic autumn moment and give it a twist to help announce your baby’s gender? Take a picture that includes multiple colorful trees. When you edit your picture, change all the leaves on one tree to pink if you’re having a girl or blue if you’re having a boy. You can caption the pic with a play on a commonly heard fall phrase by writing: A sure sign that a little (girl or boy) is on the way.

Baby cornucopia

The cornucopia is a very traditional symbol of fall and harvest time. Though the horn-shaped basket is usually shown overflowing with fruit or food items, you can easily use it to announce your baby’s gender in a creative way. For an announcement with a visual that says it all, pick up a cone-shaped basket at the store and forget about filling it with food. Instead, fill it with all pink or all blue baby items such as blankets, onesies and bath towels. You can artfully arrange your bounty of items so that they pour out of the cornucopia in a very dramatic way.

Thanksgiving themes

Share a seemingly routine Happy Thanksgiving email or post with family and friends. To clue everyone into the fact that your announcement is no ordinary holiday message, include a bold and memorable image that will immediately get attention. You could use a picture of Thanksgiving-themed pilgrim cupcakes featuring only girl pilgrims dressed in pink. If you’re expecting a boy, you might want to set a fancy Thanksgiving table with blue plates, cups and napkins. Finish it off by saying: We’re expecting a boy.

Image : Getty

By Karen Grimaldos