Nature-Inspired Baby Names

oct. 26, 2021

Nature lovers expecting a new baby might want to find inspiration in the world around them. From the heavens and plants to seasons and water, these nature-inspired baby names are winsome for little boys and little girls. Need more ideas? Check out Huggies’ Baby Name Finder!

Moon and star-inspired names:

  • Stella: Latin for “star,” this is a sweet name for a baby girl.
  • Nash: This name for boys comes from a star in the Sagittarius constellation.
  • Astra: This girl’s name with Latin roots means "of the stars."
  • Anshul: Meaning “first ray of the sun,” this Indian name is popular for firstborn sons.
  • Nova: In Latin, Nova means “new,” but in astronomy, a nova is a star that releases a huge burst of energy.
  • Elio: Derived from the Greek sun god Helios, this name is cool for a baby boy.
  • Orion: Your son could share a name with the hunter in Greek mythology. It’s also the name of a recognizable constellation in the night sky.
  • Ayla: In Turkish, this name for girls means “moon glow.”
  • Hoku: This Hawaiian unisex name means “star.”
  • Atlas: This name for boys comes from the Greek god of astronomy and travel.

Botanical-inspired names:

  • Sage: For little girls, this name with Latin roots means both “wise” and “fragrant herb.”
  • Briar: This English name for girls refers to thorns on plants, but it gained notoriety with Briar Rose, the name of the princess in Sleeping Beauty.
  • Alder: In Celtic mythology, the alder tree is associated with the god Bran, but it’s also the name of a tree in the birch family. It’s a sophisticated name for boys.
  • Ivy: This English name for girls means “faithfulness” and is also the name of a vine.
  • Aspen: This unisex name comes from the name for a tree with heart-shaped leaves.
  • Fleur: The French name for “flower” is a sweet name for a little girl.
  • Forrest: Inspired by the English last name for people who live near a forest, the name for boys got a popularity boost following the movie Forrest Gump.
  • Jasmine: With Persian roots, this name for girls refers to fragrant flowers often used for perfume.
  • Oakley: This unisex name is English and means “from the oak tree field.” It can also be spelled Oaklee or Oakleigh.
  • Sylvan: This boy’s name comes from the Latin word silva, which means “wood” or “forest.” The feminine version is Sylvia.
  • Willow: Meaning “willow tree” or “freedom,” this English name is a sweet name for your little girl.

Seasonally inspired names:

  • Summer: This English name for little girls would be cute for a baby born during the warmest season.
  • Alaska: This Native American name means “great land,” which evokes thoughts of the United States’ snowiest state.
  • January: Related to Janus, the Roman god of transitions and beginnings, this name is gaining popularity for girls.
  • Demetria: This name for girls is the Greek goddess responsible for winter. Demi is a cute nickname.
  • Lumi: Meaning “snow,” this Finnish name is great for a little girl.
  • June: This girl’s name is derived from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It’s also the month when summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Autumn: Another name for fall, this seasonal name is sweet for girls.
  • Valentina: Though it officially means “strong and healthy,” this girl’s name is the feminine form of Valentine, the saint we celebrate on Valentine’s Day.
  • Winter: Also spelled Wynter, this seasonal name is gaining popularity for boys and girls.

Wind and air-inspired baby names:

  • Zephyr: A rare name starting with Z, this boy’s name from ancient Greek mythology was the god of the west wind.
  • Alizée: This French name for girls means “trade wind.”
  • Keanu: Made popular by actor Keanu Reeves, this Hawaiian name means “breeze.”
  • Naseem: This Persian boy’s name means “breeze.” A related Turkish name is spelled Nesim.
  • Auretta: This name for girls means “light wind” and is thought to have Italian roots.
  • Wyndham: Meaning “windy village,” this English name for boys is cute when shortened to “Wyn.”
  • Samira: This Indian name for girls means “wind” or “breeze.”
  • Fei: This name for girls is popular in China. It means “dancing in the air.”

Sun and light-inspired names:

  • Soleil: This French name for girls means “sun.”
  • Cyrus: Meaning “sun,” this Persian name is popular for boys.
  • Apollo: With this strong name, your little boy will share a name with the Greek and Roman god of light, music and poetry.
  • Thea: With this name, your daughter will share a moniker with the Greek goddess of the sun.
  • Samson: Derived from the Hebrew word for “sun” this is a strong name for boys.
  • Eliana: This melodic girl’s name means “light” and has Spanish origins.
  • Surya: This unisex name comes from the Hindu god of the sun.
  • Kalinda: This Hindi name for girls means “sun.”
  • Marisol: With Spanish roots, this name for girls means “sun and sea.”
  • Ravi: If you want to name your little boy after the Hindu sun god, this name’s for you.
  • Aurora: Meaning “dawn,” this name for girls has Latin roots.
  • Blaze: This boy’s name with Latin roots is related to flames.
  • Elidi: “Gift of the sun” is the meaning of this girl’s name with Greek roots.

Jewel and gemstone-inspired names:

  • Pearl: This Latin name means “pearl” (big surprise!). It’s gained popularity in recent years with celebrities including Maya Rudolph, Jack Osborne and Jake Owen naming their daughters this.
  • Jasper: “Speckled stone” is the meaning of this boy’s name with Greek, Hebrew and Arabic roots.
  • Ruby: Latin for “red precious stone,” this is a sweet name for a girl.
  • Crystal: From Latin, this girl’s name means “brilliant glass.”
  • Rubin: This Hebrew name for boys means “red,” related to ruby.
  • Greta: This Germanic girl’s name means “pearl.”
  • Jade: This name meaning “green stone” is a cute name for a baby girl.
  • Amber: “Fossilized tree resin” is the literal meaning of this girl’s name with Arabic roots.
  • Jet: From the Greek, this name for boys means “stone of Gagas,” named for a black stone found in Turkey.
  • Opal: This Sanskrit name for girls means “gem.”
  • Bijou: “Jewel” is the meaning of this French name for girls.

Water-inspired baby names:

  • Kai: This Hawaiian name for boys means “sea.”
  • Cordelia: This Celtic name for girls with Latin roots means “heart” or “daughter of the sea.” Delia is a cute nickname.
  • Dylan: This name with Welsh roots means “son of the sea.” Though it was originally considered a boy’s name, it’s increasingly gender-neutral.
  • Anahita: This Persian name for girls means “a river and water goddess.”
  • Rafferty: This Irish boy’s name means “floodtide” and also “abundance.” Rafe is a sweet nickname.
  • Guinevere: Meaning “white wave,” this Welsh girl’s name can be shortened to Gwen or Guin.
  • Marina: Latin for “from the sea,” this is a sweet girl’s name.
  • Marin: Also spelled Maren, this Latin-derived name for girls means “sea.”
  • Wade: This English name for boys means “at the river crossing.”
  • Morgan: This Welsh unisex name means “sea-born.”
  • Coral: Meaning “coral,” this girl’s name is experiencing a rise in popularity.
  • Murphy: An Irish gender-neutral name, this one means “sea warrior.”
  • Malik: This boy’s name has both Arabic and Greenlandic roots and means “king” and “wave.”
  • Brooke: Meaning “flowing stream of water,” this is traditionally a girl’s name. However, Brooks is a cute option for a baby boy.
  • Nerissa: From Greek, this girl’s name means “from the sea.”
  • Nori: This Japanese name for girls means “seaweed.”
  • River: Meaning “flowing water,” this English name for boys has surged in popularity lately.

Earth-inspired names:

  • Eden: You might choose to name your daughter after the perfect garden in the Bible.
  • Petra: This girl’s name with Greek origins means “from the rock or stone.”
  • Gaia: In Greek mythology this is the universal mother or earth goddess.
  • Avani: Meaning “the good earth,” this Hindi name for girls is precious.
  • Everest: You might choose to name your little boy for the world’s tallest mountain with this strong name.
  • Sena: “Bringing heaven to earth” is the meaning of this girl’s name that has Hindi, Korean, Arabic and African roots.
  • Miro: Meaning “peace” and “world” this Slavic name is nice for a little boy.
  • Tula: This little girl’s name means “a mountain peak” or “to be tranquil” in Choctaw and Hindi.
  • Dion: “A child of heaven and earth,” is the Greek meaning of this boy’s name.
  • Aaron: From the Hebrew, this boy’s name means “high mountain.”

Claire Bradley

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