Toddler Milestones: Memories that’ll last a lifetime

nov 27, 2021 | 3.5 minutes Leer

Toddlers have plenty of exciting firsts in store for them—and you. These milestones, both big and small, will be the building blocks for their future and will create memories will last a lifetime.

Here’s to your little one reaching those special milestones. 

In the first few years, your little one will grow leaps and bounds, so get ready for all sorts of achievements. Don’t worry if your little one isn’t there yet. Everyone develops at their own pace. But if you do have some concerns, it’s always a good idea to speak with your pediatrician.

First steps

Your little one will probably start to pull themselves up on furniture and take his or her first steps. Their first stop: coming to you.

Stretch out your arms and encourage your little mover to come on over. Don’t worry about those stumbles and tumbles. It’s all part of learning a new skill. They’ll be running faster than you in no time.

First shoes

Now that your baby is starting to take precious first steps, it may be
time for a first pair of shoes after a few months of walking. Before
then, it’s really important to only get them soft-soled shoes or socks, as
anything else may restrict developing feet. Tiny feet have a lot of
growing to do, and any damage at this early stage can last a lifetime.

When you’re ready to go shoe shopping, have your little on
professionally fitted for shoes to ensure they are
wearing the most suitable size and style for their foot. A roomie toe is
all you need. Helpful hint: shop for sales because you will
need new shoes every few months.

First words

First words can be music to a parent’s ear. Names (especially variations of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’) will probably be the first words you hear—and the ones that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The names of common items may come next – bottle, blanket, bear, etc. If you speak slowly and clearly, you’ll notice your toddler listening and repeating. Songs are also an excellent way to boost vocabulary and understanding.

First birthday

You probably can’t believe your favorite little person is turning one. His or her first birthday. is truly an amazing experience you’ll always remember. Plan a fairly short party (about an hour will do) and schedule it after naptime so he or she will be rested and in a good mood for the special day. Looking for some extra fun? Get a second, “smash cake” that your birthday-er can eat and play with for some messy fun and great photos. Remember, this special birthday is more for you and your friends and family. So don’t worry too much about entertainment. Everyone is there to celebrate wonderful one-year-old!

First haircut

Baby’s first haircut is a rite of passage for both your baby—and you. When you’re ready for the special day, decide whether you’d like to cut it yourself or have a hairdresser with experience catering to babies and toddlers. Prepare your little one by explaining the experience beforehand. You may even want to take a favorite toy with them to share the adventure with. Some places commemorate this big moment with a special certificate. Don’t forget to take plenty of pics and keep a lock of hair from baby’s first haircut as a way to remember this exciting milestone.

First toddler classes

You have a social butterfly on your hands. So why not check out some local classes? It can be a great opportunity for you to make some mommy or daddy friends and your little one to start learning how to socialize and play with others. You can find all types of classes to entertain and stimulate your toddler—from dancing to tumbling, reading to playing.

First bed

Can you believe it may be time to transition from a crib to a bed? Some little ones love their new sleeping arrangements. Play to their sense of independence. By referring to their bed as a “big kids” bed, you can make the idea of this new change a triumph for them. Let them be the boss when it comes to choosing the color of their sheets or choosing which lucky toy gets to sleep in the bed with them. If your toddler feels more comfortable in the bed, it can him or her enjoy a better night of sleep, which can help you sleep better, too.

First mode of transportation

Getting your first scooter or bike is such a big milestone for most kids. Choosing a safe one that your kids will love is exciting for them—and you. Start with a tricycle if you can, or an adjustable push bike that you can change to a two-wheeler, in time. Be positive and patient as they push off and watch the look of joy spread across their face as they master it.

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