Tips for Bathing Your Baby Safely

feb 22, 2022 | 2/22/22 Leer

Bath time can be a fun bonding time, no matter your child’s age. Here are a few bath time safety tips to always keep in mind.

Safe Bath Tips

  • Never leave a child unattended in a bath.
  • Always keep a hand on a baby.
  • Don’t plan a bath if your baby is overtired.
  • Bath water should be approximately 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Avoid a room with drafts and if possible. Warm the room to a comfortable temperature.
  • Prepare everything you will need in advance and place it within arm’s reach.
  • Prepare an area to place your baby in as they come out from the bath. Have the towel ready.
  • When washing, start with the cleanest and most delicate areas first, their eyes and face.
  • A gentle wipe on the exterior of the ear is all that is necessary. Cotton swabs inside the ear should not be used.
  • Always wash a girl’s genital area from front to back to prevent infection.
  • Do not attempt to pull the foreskin back to clean underneath it if you are washing your baby boy. This will occur naturally over the first few years. If your son has recently been circumcised, avoid tub bathing until the wound has healed and your pediatric provider has given the OK.
  • Consider a baby massage after bath for a nice bedtime routine. Have everything ready for your massage, like your baby lotion and mat, and make sure your baby does not become cold. Dim the lights and talk and sing to your baby. You will both be calm and relaxed when you are done.

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