Are Huggies® Baby Wipes Safe to Flush?

Huggies® Wipes are not flushable or septic-safe

Everyone loves Huggies® Wipes!  However, sewer systems do not.  Huggies® Wipes are the only wipes with TripleCleanTM layers, a non-woven technology.  TripleCleanTM layers are designed to deliver cushiony softness and durability, and thus they should not be flushed.  Huggies® Wipes products are clearly labeled with a “Do Not Flush” logo.  

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Why Huggies® Baby Wipes should not be flushed

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has worked with municipalities and wastewater agencies across the country to evaluate the compatibility of various materials in the sewers. In the assessment, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and wastewater treatment professionals determined that ~90% of materials found in sewer systems were not intended to be flushed. When non-flushable items like baby wipes are flushed, they can cause clogs in the sewer system, which is a difficult problem for everyone.

Huggies wipe

How can you help?

Everyone can do his/her part! Always read labels on wipes products to determine whether the wipes are flushable or non-flushable. Help us and the sewage system by complying with the "Do Not Flush" logo and dispose of Huggies® Baby Wipes in trash bins instead.

mother cleaning baby's mouth with a wipe

Which brands have septic safe flushable wipes?

If you are looking for wipes that can be flushed safely, look for these Kimberly-Clark brands, which use a patented flushable technology that allows the wipes to break down after flushing:




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