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The inside of it, honest to goodness, when I opened these up and I felt the liner for the first time, I was in shock. I have never in my life felt a diaper as absorbent, as soft, cuddly as this. And I have several children, and I have gone through a lot of diapers, a lot of different diaper brands. Changed a lot of diapers and I have, like I said, other than a cloth diaper, this is the softest one I've ever felt. These are the little bumps, the little pillows. This is the liner and it is so soft. I can't say that enough. It really truly is. It's so gentle against your baby's skin. I have found that these diapers wick away the moisture really, really well, and keep my baby's skin really dry and protected.

We use them only, you know, for diaper changes, but for a lot of other purposes like face cleaning and hand wiping and What I love about them is they're extremely tough. They basically leave the skin extremely soft and they're not irritating, they had aloe in it. Which helps with any irritation that he's having. Since I've been using them I hardly have to use ever any diaper rash cream, so that's wonderful.

Having 3 children still in diapers, Huggies Little Movers are simply my favorite diaper by far. My kids are constantly playing, and exploring, and aren't wetting themselves as often as they did a yr ago, but the gel beads that form when the diaper is ready to be changed is simply genius. The children can play, n play without rashes, diapers falling apart, or wetting their clothes. It saves on diaper creams, changing them every 1-2 hrs (depending on how much they had to drink), and on wet clothing because of leaks. We only buy Huggies diapers because we save in the long run when we compare the cheaper diapers and how often we have to change them, or put on a new outfit because other brands don't hold up as well. Finding the right diaper for the price took some trial n error but I wouldn't use any other brand since we tried Huggies

I am so happy that these diapers exist, my baby couldn't be more comfortable, she is always smiling and sleeps well through the night and her diaper is never soaking :-) I am so glad that they have all sizes because I will keep using these only!

Thank you for making the best diapers around! :) huggies is my absolute favorite brand for my two little ladies. No leaks & zero rashes! :) we♡ huggies!

My little one is on the go and these diapers allow her to do that with no leakage and the stretchy waist and extended tabs are a great way for me to hurry to get the diaper on her. She’s not too patient these days waiting to get changed. Love these diapers.

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