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7 Moms Reveal Their Silliest Pregnancy Cravings

Everyone knows that pregnant women have some weird cravings. That’s why you see so many jokes about pregnant women eating pickles and ice cream!

When I was pregnant with Liam, I didn’t have cravings for pickles and ice cream, but I do remember making my husband drive to the gas station one night to get some Ruffles chips and French onion dip because I HAD TO HAVE IT. When I was pregnant with Isabel, I just wanted copious amounts of ice cream. But that’s nothing new; I always want ice cream. Those cravings are tame, however, compared to some cravings other women have had.

Some of my friends shared with me their weirdest pregnancy cravings:

Apryl says she had her husband go to the store for steak, Nutella, and marshmallow puffs. Once her husband grilled up that nice juicy steak, she proceeded to spread the Nutella and marshmallow puffs over the steak and devoured it. What?!

Megan just wanted plain cream cheese. No bagel. No bread. Just cream cheese.

Jennifer is currently pregnant with her second child and says that just the other night, she had a sandwich with Swiss cheese and banana peppers. Her husband thought it was gross, but Jennifer was ready for seconds.

Elizabeth’s request was ice. But not just any ice. She had to have ice from Sonic. I have to admit, there is something really good about the ice from that restaurant.

Katherine hadn’t touched hot dogs in 12 years, but something about being pregnant made her really want one. Funny how pregnancy can make you want foods you normally wouldn’t like.

My sister, Danibel, wanted 2% milk with lots of ice when she was pregnant.

And my aunt would eat Oreo cookies with V8 juice (yeah, the vegetable juice) and peeled lime with salt and milk for breakfast. Wow!

Did you experience any strange cravings while you were pregnant?

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