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What to Wear When Pregnant — 5 Maternity Clothing Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you are pregnant, your body is changing in so many ways. One day you had a tiny bump that nobody noticed, and then suddenly you pop, and you have a whole new shape.

At first, you raid your closet for clothing that can stretch to fit your growing body, but before long you need – and want – to buy maternity wear. Not only is it more comfortable, but it will fit in all the right places. After all, the last thing you want is to look like you’ve outgrown your clothes, or to have a wardrobe malfunction at the worst possible moment.

Even as your body stretches and expands in many directions, it’s still possible to look fashionable if you do it right, says Anita Rajendra, founder of La Belle Bump, a company that rents high-end maternity clothing. And she should know; she’s personally faced the challenge of how to dress through three pregnancies. “Each time, I wanted to look and feel good about my changing body but I was frustrated with the lack of options and the high price tags,” she says. That’s why she created her company to help women look and feel fabulous during their pregnancies.

So stop wearing your husband’s shirts and forget about stretching out all the clothes you own. Here are the five top style mistakes women make while pregnant:

  1. Wearing pre-pregnancy clothes too long

    Many women want to want to wear their “regular” clothes as long as possible. But no one wants to see clothes busting at the seams. Maternity clothes will provide the comfort you want, says Rajendra.
  2. Buying all maternity clothing at once

    Don’t try to buy your entire maternity wardrobe at once, she advises. You can’t predict how you’ll carry your baby, how much weight you’ll gain or where you’ll gain it. Plus, you’ll begin to hate it all if you have to wear the same few pieces over and over. “Take your time and buy a little at a time.” That’s why her company gives customers unlimited exchanges for new separates at any time during the rental period, so they always have something new.
  3. Wearing baggy clothes

    Don’t wear shapeless clothes or oversized shirts just because your body is bigger than usual. “You deserve to show off your beautiful bump.” Excess material can be unflattering if not worn properly.
  4. Sacrificing your personal style

    :There is no need to forget your personal sense of style while you’re pregnant. Maternity clothing has come a long way and is now both beautiful and stylish. Find maternity clothes that are a look you love and that fit your pregnant body. Plus, keep using the same fashionable scarves, jewelry and other items to accessorize.
  5. Not investing in good maternity jeans

    Who doesn’t live in jeans? No reason to stop while you’re pregnant. Everyone needs a pair of jeans that fit. “Trust us,” she says, “investing in a good pair of quality maternity jeans will make all the difference. The investment will be worth it and they won’t fade and fall apart after a few washes.” 

Image : Getty

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