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Shortcuts for short cuts

Add volume

If you want a 'do with a little more pizazz — perhaps you're channeling fellow sassy mom Denise Richards — Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play can give you that extra oomph your hair requires. After a quick shower, just blow-dry as usual. Turn your head over and spray. When you come back up for air, you'll notice your mane is as big and sexy as the spritzer had promised.

For a more elegant look, part your hair to the side, then sleek back. This look would go great with business attire or a fancy cocktail dress.

Keep it messy

If you've never been a fan of your wavy, or curly hair, that sentiment stops today. Enter Bouncy Spray by ISO. Spritz all over damp or towel-dried hair and scrunch. The result: Your tendrils will stay intact — they won't frizz, knot or flatten unevenly with this secret weapon.

Tie it back

You can keep your hair off your face while still looking as classy as can be with Goody Ouchless Rubber Bands (available at drugstores nationwide). After a quick shower (or not) sleek back your hair into a ponytail for an "everyday" hairstyle. Use hairspray for flyaways.

Try long sexy bangs

Surely you've seen Hollywood's "it" girl Nicole Richie with this style for years. She pulls off the look as a fun, single girl, and as a young new mom. If you want the sophisticated yet sexy style, the how-to is simple: After your shower, just part your hair, making sure that it's further to the side than your normal part. Bring the parted hair down and sweep to the side while wet. Take your hair dryer and dry on an angle, facing the flow of the strands, while making sure the hair stays firm on the forehead. After drying the bangs down and to the side, lightly spray with hair spray to maintain the look all day.

As for the rest of the hair, you can pull back the sides of your hair, leaving the bottom half of your hair down. Use Vidal Sassoon's Medium Wide Barrel Clips (they come in a pack of 12) to hold the hair down.

Or, leave your hair down and spray the rest with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play for volume and texture.

Use a headband

You may have already started to see this hair trend, but more and more women are using headbands unconventionally. What do we mean by that, you ask? We're talking about wearing your headband loosely on your head or across your forehead. The somewhat hippie style is catching on fast, and the best part is, it's perfect for the lazy or busy mom.

Click here to check out Ashlee Simpson wearing this hippie-inpired look.

Get a bob

If you don't want to fuss over your hair and try any of the shortcuts we mentioned, you should opt for a bob à la Katie Holmes. It's the type of style that requires little maintenance, if any at all. You can just wake up and step out the door. Or, after a quick shower, just blowdry as usual and go. No wonder Katie always looks so fabulous and relaxed.

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