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10 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

By Janssen Bradshaw, Disney Baby

Halloween season is swiftly approaching which can mean a month of sugar, sugar, sugar.

While I'm happy to let my little girls eat fistfuls of candy onOctober 31st, I don't want the whole month to be a never-ending streamof treats.

But I still want to be a fun mom and make the month festive.

These ideas for fun healthy snack options let me be fun without suffering the consequences of a month of hyper toddlers.

  1. Ghost Milk. Use black stickers or a black washablemarker to draw eyes and a mouth on a clear glass and then fill it upwith milk (or, if you're packing it in a lunch box, remove the labelfrom a milk bottle and draw the face on there!).
  2. Clementine or Orange Pumpkins. You've probably seenthe peeled clementines with a tiny piece of celery in the top to looklike a pumpkin - it's darling! If that's too much, just draw a littleface on an unpeeled clementine or orange with a pen or marker.
  3. String Cheese Ghosts. Unwrap a piece of stringcheese and then shred the bottom half to make wispy ghost ends. Add someraisins or mini chocolate chips as eyes!
  4. Candy Corn Fruit Plates. Use peeled pears, mandarin oranges, and pineapple chunks to make a candy corn shape. Easy and healthy.
  5. Pepper Pumpkins. Cut the top of an orange bellpepper out like you would a pumpkin. Remove the seeds, then carefullycut a face in the front of the pepper. Replace the lid and voila! Tinyjack-o-lantern. For even more fun, fill the pepper with a thick dip likeguacamole or hummus.
  6. Spider Web Mini Pizzas. Spread an English muffinwith tomato sauce, then use a piece of string cheese to make longstrands of cheese and arrange it on top of the sauce in a spiderwebpattern. If you'd like, add a tiny spider or two cut from pepperoni!Bake until the cheese has melted.
  7. Cheese Pumpkin Sandwich. Use a sharp knife to cut a face into a piece of American cheese, then place the cheese slice on a piece of bread.
  8. Apple Slice Monster Teeth. Cut two thin appleslices, then smear peanut butter on one side of each slice. On onepiece, arrange yogurt covered raisins like teeth, then put the otherapple slice on top of the raisins with the peanut butter side down.
  9. Spider Plums. Stick eight toothpicks into a plum(four on each side) to make a black spider. Add eyes with chocolatechips or dots of frosting if desired.
  10. Banana Ghosts. Peel a banana and cut it in half tomake two little ghosts. Use chocolate chips or raisins to make eyes and amouth. Serve immediately.

What are your favorite healthy Halloween snacks?

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