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What I Miss About Having a Newborn

Close up on cute baby feet

When you have a baby, time seems to slow to a snail’s pace. Sure, some days can seem like an endless cycle of diaper changes, feeding, naps and bottle washing—but all the wonderful things about babies definitely outweigh the drudgery. And there are so many delicious things to love about  babies. 

As a mom who’s been there and done that, I would give anything for one of those slow, simple days with my new baby, when I could supply the solution to almost any problem and I was my new baby's whole world. So, even when the days seem long, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (or, in this case, your tiny newborn) and savor every single moment, because—trust me—the time really does fly by. Soon you, too, will be missing all of these:

  1. The smell (and we’re not talking diapers here).

    There’s something about the milky, clean essence of babyhood that only an infant can emit. Kiss one on the head, inhale, and you’ll know what I mean.
  2. The chubby baby feet

    It may sound weird, but whenever I see a newborn’s plump little toes I want to squeeze them. They’re just crying out for a game of “this little piggy went to market.”
  3. The miniature clothes

    Who doesn’t love shopping for baby wear? Those frilly dresses and adorable onesies. Those tiny jeans and t-shirts that make your little one look like the future big kid he or she will be. Those mini-me outfits that make you want to dress alike. It’s time to lock up the credit card, or you’ll spend it all in the baby aisle.
  4. The smiles

    And yes, we know they are truly smiles—not gas, no matter what anybody tells us! Right now, you are your baby’s everything, so when you return after even a short absence (say a trip to the bathroom), it’s time for celebration. Those gummy grins are just for you, and make it all worthwhile.
  5. The photo ops

    Now that we can take a zillion photos a minute and it doesn’t cost a penny, it’s just so much fun when your baby is immobile and not too squirmy. Pose your baby in every outfit in the closet just because you can. Soon, your baby will let you know he or she doesn’t appreciate modeling for your personal fashion show, but in the meantime, have fun. You’ll have lots to post on social media and we’re sure the grandparents won’t mind a flood of pictures in their inbox—just be sure to print out a few favorites for framing.
  6. The snuggles

    There’s nothing like the weight on a beloved, soft, warm baby contentedly curled up against your chest sleepy and sated after a feeding.
  7. The sounds they make

    We may not understand their adorable babbles and gurgles, but babies are probably trying to say something as they learn how language works. And it sounds so cute when they’re cooing, even just to themselves, when nobody is around.
  8. The intimacy

    Carrying them in a chest carrier, sling or wrap means keeping them safe and protected and right next to your heart. They’re as close as they can get outside of the womb. Do it for as long as you can because before you know it they’ll be too big to carry!
  9. The overall cuteness when they’re sleeping

    Babies are so darn cute! Who can get enough of them? No matter how exhausted you are at the end of the day, sneaking a peak at your sleeping infant will make you swoon like nothing else. Watching their tiny chests move up and down with each breath they take and admiring their sweet little mouths as they suckle in their sleep will bring tears to your eyes. It's astonishing to think that you created this gorgeous creature.
  10. The magic of watching them grow before your eyes

    One day they can hardly see out of their brand new eyes and the next they are focusing intently on your face as if they are wise old souls. First they just lie there, then they are rolling over. Every day there are a myriad of changes that happen right before your eyes. Watch carefully because it truly is a miracle of life.

Image : Getty

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