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Things to Consider for Your Baby's First Holiday

A mother shown from above holding an infant with string lights and holiday decorations strewn about

by Team Scary Mommy
November 30, 2019 Updated December 2, 2019

It’s the big one. The first big holiday with your baby. Do it and enjoy! Get your baby a present that she’ll never remember and just use to chew on, and if it’s your thing, pretend Santa exists even though your baby doesn’t get it yet. But that is the point – enjoy all the moments you can. Just know that there will be some things that may make holiday shopping, holiday parties and gift wrapping a lot harder. Luckily, there are ways to keep that holiday spirit up without wearing yourself down.

Hello, Online Shopping!

Online shopping always seemed cool and like a practical thing to do and then I had a baby. It was like I heard a chorus of “Hallelujah!” whenever I opened my laptop to do all my shopping there – especially during the holidays. Holiday shopping can equal crowds, lines, escalators, and stressed out cashiers and now add a baby to that. Sometimes you need to get out of the house, so do it if it works for you. If it doesn’t, consider shopping from your couch. It ain’t so shabby (like the house sweatpants you get to shop in). You could also do your holiday shopping in September like my grandma does.

Can I Just Phone Into That Holiday Party?

Probably not. I’ve tried. When you have your first baby, you are still on all the single people party lists and invites. Your new parenting status hasn’t caught wind yet and you know what? That’s flattering! The problem is, after you have a baby, you’re pretty overwhelmed and tired for the first few months (or years). If you have the energy and it feels good, go to those parties. If you don’t, my suggestion? Say no. It’s totally fine to say no. On the other hand, if saying no gives you a case of FOMO, do the stylish pop-in. You and baby can drop by for fifteen minutes. Your baby gets gushed over and you get to graze the snack bar and then make your exit. When you’re making quick rounds, always stack up on Huggies Baby Wipes so you can deal with any unpredictable messes – the baby kind or the adult snack kind. Finger food accidents are no joke, so be ready for any clean up. Now that’s how to party!

Wrap It Up On The Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts. I used to take pride in that. I’d stay up all night and meticulously wrap every gift with perfect wrapping paper I tirelessly shopped for and made sure matched my house decor. Then I had a baby and all of that changed. I just handed my loved ones the plastic bags the gifts came in and said, “Happy Holidays,” through a yawn. Honestly, no shame in that game. However, why wrap gifts ever again when you can just order them already wrapped? They do this online! Seriously! You don’t even have to wait in a crowded store for a sixteen year old scrolling their phone with one hand, to wrap your gifts for you. With that said, wrapping gifts can be meditative. It reminds me of putting on a diaper, but to each their own. If wrapping some gifts is a nice soothing break for you, then go for it. Set your baby up beside you during their nap time. Just make sure your little one is wearing Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers that have a soft pocketed waistband that prevents blowouts, especially while you’re taping those gift boxes up. Either way, at least now you know you have options.

The Classic Holiday Movie

This one is simple – Do it. There is nothing like curling up on the couch with your baby (hopefully sleeping) and settling in for a cozy holiday movie. Sometimes the holidays just feel too busy. If you’re a holiday movie buff like me, then make this a priority.

This holiday with your new baby is a special one. And potentially an exhausting one. So, celebrate it however you want. Getting through the holiday hustle bustle is hard on us even at our best. So make the holidays your own this year and treat yourself by taking a break or crashing a holiday party or two!

Huggies Little Snugglers have a soft pocketed waistband to prevent blowouts and protect your baby’s skin, while Huggies Wipes provide a gentle clean for your baby’s delicate skin. Grab some for your baby here!

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