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Baby's First Photo Shoot – Must-Do Pregnancy Photo Shots

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Someday you’ll remember your life in two parts – before and after baby.

To help you document the changes your body goes through as you pass from one era to the next —not to mention create fodder for all those announcements and social media postings—you’ll need pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!

With that goal in mind, here are some ideas on how to capture your journey and celebrate your growing family.

Right from the start: Some couples take a series of photos to document the whole nine months, starting with the announcement. Many incorporate the sonogram – baby’s first photo. You can make fun signs—Baby Under Construction! —or hold up numbers designating how many months along you are, use props, or just pose together in a loving way.

It’s an amazing experience to see the changes in your body over time, so be sure to take lots of shots of your growing belly. Cellphone cameras make it easy to do a shot a day. Later you can compile these into a keepsake photo album that ends with you and your beautiful newborn in your arms.

Another idea is to take a series of photos of you in the nursery. You’ll have a record of your growing belly and your baby’s room as it morphs from an empty shell into a cozy nursery for your baby.

Get creative: Take some profile shots that capture the shadows your belly makes. Try a silhouette with the sun setting in the background. Or aim from above with your toes peeking out from beneath your belly.

Book it: Get a shot of yourself with Guess How Much I Love You or Are You My Mother? propped open on your big belly.

Gender reveal: Did you find out whether you are having a boy or a girl? If you did, you can incorporate that big news into your photos. You can pose in front of a sign that says: “We’re having a….”

A moment in time: You can hire a professional or get a friend to take a series of photos in your home, at the park or some other meaningful location.

My name is Alice: If you want to show off your baby’s name, spell it out in children’s blocks, Scrabble letters, or on a sign next to your belly. Or, if you haven’t decided, but know the gender, you can simply spell out “girl” or “boy.”

Focus on Family: Make sure the whole family gets in as many shots as possible—perhaps whispering sweet nothings to your soon-to-be-here baby or cupping their hands on your belly as if they’re listening to what’s going on in there. The most memorable pictures are often of your firstborn snuggling or kissing your belly. Or you can make it a giant family hug and get everyone from dad and siblings to grandparents in on the action.

By Bethany Kandel
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