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Baby on the Move! She's Starting to Crawl

By Amnah Ibrahim,

When I was pregnant with Amani, she was quite a wiggly one. I learned early on that Baby's activity level in the womb carries over into their behavior after they're born. Sure enough, Amani was more active and alert than her older sisters. She didn't enjoy being swaddled as it restricted her movement. Our baby wrap carrier wasn't her favorite because it didn't allow her to stretch, reach, or grab. She even rolled over early. I should have seen it coming during a tummy time session with her favorite Dumbo plush. There she was, at a mere four months, ready to start crawling!

I couldn't believe my eyes. My little baby girl, my final chapter in my baby story, was speeding through her milestones at record speed. A quick Google search informed me that the "normal" age to start crawling is between six to eight months. She's four! Her days of rolling over continuously until she reached her desired location in the room, were over. From now on, nothing but crawling was going to do it for this one.

I have to admit that I cried and laughed at the same time. Motherhood is filled with these bittersweet moments. It was fascinating to see her figure out how to bring herself up onto her hands and knees. When she made the connection that moving her limbs would move her forward, her face reflected this awesome new discovery. "Mama, I'm moving!", I could read in her bright eyes.

Her "crawling" is a mix of an army crawl, a frog walk, and actual crawling form. With all that moving, I'm glad she wears theproper size Huggies diaper! The right fit keeps her comfortable enough to focus on her playtime. The right size diaper is also essential for keeping Amani clean and dry so that I don't have to interrupt her for a clothing change session as she's conquering a new milestone. I've also found that trying to squeeze baby into those last few diapers from a size they've outgrown, is just not worth it. Find a friend to pass along those smaller diapers to, and move baby into a more comfortable, proper fitting diaper. Everyone will be happier because you did.

Adventure awaits and Amani is out to find it! Now if you'll excuse me, she's crawled herself right under the dining room table and doesn't know how to get out.

When did your little one start crawling?

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