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A Dozen Darling Ideas for Baby Growth Charts

Last weekend, we had some friends over and they brought their 5-week-old baby along. My 7-month-old daughter still seems like a baby to me, but when I saw her next to this little newborn, she looked like a giant! It definitely reminded me how fast babies grow up (and then I look at my kindergartener and I’m reminded all over again).

If you want to document your little one’s growth over the years, there are so many cute ways to do it. 

Here are a dozen of my favorite:

The Classic Pencil and Doorjamb.

Some of our family friends have lived in the same house for decades and I love seeing the marks on their kitchen pantry door of their now-grown children. It’s just such a staple! Plus, all you need is a pencil. (And if I ever bought a house that had someone’s growth marks with names and dates, I don’t think I could bear to paint over it).

Washi Tape.

I love washi tape and how you can put it up anywhere without damaging your walls. Just do a long vertical strip and then smaller horizontal strips at the heights of your children (you could use a different color tape for each one!).

Burlap Hanging Chart.

Burlap is so cheap and easy to make your own. Buy a long strip and sew or glue it onto a dowel on one end so you can hang it up wherever you’d like! Use a fabric marker to add height, dates, and names.

Mirror Growth Chart.

Use an inexpensive wall mirror and use stickers or a permanent marker to mark your child’s height on the sides. Plus, then they can see themselves grow over the years.

A Giant Wooden Ruler.

There are tons of tutorials on the internet for making your own giant ruler out a piece of plywood and a little paint. Easy and eye-catching!

Photo Growth Chart.

A Polaroid photo each year, with their name, age and height makes a fun and simple display hung vertically up the wall.

A Vintage Measuring Tape.

Those classic yellow measuring tapes with the metal ends make for a gorgeous vintage growth chart. Hang up a regular one or make a giant version yourself.

Scrapbook Paper.

You can use any combination of fun (and low-cost!) scrapbook paper to make a pretty chart to measure your little ones against. Just tape them up the wall in a straight line and you have an instant original growth chart.

Paint It Into a Mural.

If you have a mural in your baby’s nursery, painting a growth chart right into the scene is a perfect way to incorporate it into the decor. The tall trunk of a tree or a giraffe’s long neck or the rope ladder hanging from a hot air balloon all make great candidates for a few numbers to be painted right on.

A Quilted Growth Chart.

If you (or a family member) loves the quilt but you don’t need another baby quilt, a long quilted growth chart is a beautiful and different way to use your skills.

A Handprint Growth Chart.

Instead of measuring height, try doing your child’s handprint each year. You can stack them one after another (with the smallest one in front and getting progressively bigger) in a frame for a fun, ever-changing display in their bedroom.

A Shoe Growth Chart.

Every year, pick an outgrown shoe and hang it from a hook board. After a few years, you’ll not only have proof of how they’ve grown, but also the memory of favorite shoes from every age. You can write their age and height on the bottom of each shoe, if you wish!

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